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We’ve witnessed all manner of craziness during ENIC’s reign at Tottenham, yet this move would surely go straight into the top 5.

This then, from The Evening Standard recently, softening us up for the re-signing of Fernando Llorente.

Fernando, who is celebrates his 35th birthday, next April did make a couple of useful cameos in important games last season – that isn’t up for debate.

However, it’s a giant leap to then suggest that the otherwise routinely mediocre striker still has a ‘part to play’ in Tottenham’s future.

Levyologists will remind us that getting a back up striker to Harry Kane is absolutely impossible. The work of a fool to even attempt.

The problem is, by this logic, reserve goalkeepers are also a waste of time.

Football, like so much of the world has become infested by feelings – when fact should always take precedent.

Kane gets injured. That’s a fact, and when others have to pitch in to carry the load, it causes greater fatigue.

Fernando? Thanks, but no thanks.

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