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Don’t Vaguely Get The Gazzaniga Love In [video]

By The Boy -

There are weird ‘metrics’ afoot in our fanbase of which I obviously have yet to get my head around.

At least, that was the premise before blogging this.

Upon reflection the explanation clearly lies within the insane will of Tottenham fans to wish to welcome anyone, no matter how ordinary, as a IF they were a megastar with proven track record, no matter how entirely unwarranted it might plainly be.

Why? Because after nigh on two decades of bungled cheapskate-ry, far too many of you have been conditioned into embracing blind hope over common sense.

Had Lloris stood like an injection moulded Subutteo figurine as Paulo did here, he would have received booze related jibes galore.

Or is this footage doctored?



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