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Does Sea Air Make Football People Delusional?
By Harry Hotspur -

According to a source close to the club, Daniel Levy is getting a taste of his own medicine this summer in terms of transfer negotiations being dragged out to the point of absolute fatigue. First Tottenham had to suffer some real fun and games from Southampton Football Club, who lead their local press and radio to believe that there was far more interest in Højbjerg than there actually was, and the valuations that were doing the rounds at the time only served to be humiliating when the deal was finally done. When a player is publicly valued at £35million, only to be finally sold for less than half that, you know there was a definite problem with the reporting.

Now, Bournemouth are stepping up to the make ’em wait plate over Callum Wilson. My understanding is that the player is very open to joining Tottenham, but Bournemouth are doing their level best to find a better home for the boy – or at least are going through those motions – despite a distinct lack of interest elsewhere.

Just like the Højbjerg deal, there is no mystery side is on the horizon, waiting to pay Wilson or Bournemouth way over the odds. It simply will not happen, and it is delusional to imagine otherewise.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I’m also given to understand that Spurs have not been considering Josh King.

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