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Confirmation Of Official Eriksen Bid
By Harry Hotspur -

Italian journalist Alfredo Pedullà has just minutes ago, published quotes from Piero Ausilio, Inter’s sporting director, relating to Christian Eriksen. Pedullà tells us, “speaking to Sky Sports microphones” the Nerazzurri boss was asked about the Dane.

Eriksen? …we have submitted an official offer to Tottenham and see if it can go through. It is very difficult”

The Italian giants are also in pursuit of Moses from Chelsea and in respect of this player, the 29-year-old Victor is already in the shopping basket of Inter, Ausilio told the press it was a done deal.

“Moses? Accordo con il Chelsea”

Should Tottenham fans be unnerved that our deal hasn’t advanced so well? When were we not unnerved in the markets, eh?

There are 11 days of the window to go, tomorrow there will be 10 and so forth. It will be fascinating to see if the presence of José Mourinho stalking the corridors of Hotspur Way makes any difference to Mr Levy, who on too many previous occasions has resisted the urge to help a coach in reduced circumstances.

What was that line I used earlier today about our European aspirations? “Europe, where Tottenham would be expected to score goals against teams vastly superior to Watford.

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19 responses to “Confirmation Of Official Eriksen Bid”

  1. James McKevitt says:

    See how long this drags on with about ten days left in the window. Will we get a striker ASAP or wait until a minute to midnight in order to save tuppence halfpenny, all the while dropping points for want of a striker.

  2. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Just watching Modric goals for Madrid…..I see Modric and Bale hugging and it dawned on me, these 2 used to play for Spurs…..at the SAME TIME!? It sunk in further what a f****ing mess Levy has made of this club.
    We should have dominated for a decade and won f**k all and now look at the state of it. Criminal.

  3. DannyG says:

    I’m surprised more clubs aren’t in for a player like Christian at a bargain price like £20m. Beggars belief if I’m honest!

    • Limerick AL. says:

      Plain and Simple , the guy is a Flat Track Bully .

    • James McKevitt says:

      Surprised no one came in for Toby either, maybe the thought of having to deal with you know who turned the stomachs of buyers.

    • Cincy Spur says:

      Why would anyone pay anything for him? There are few places he realistically will go, that can’t wait till they can just offer the best salary to him. I would bet some of them are talking contracts with his agent right now for next season. They can give him more Salary if they don’t have to buy him from us. Even if 20M is cheap by the market standards.

  4. Brian Fisher says:

    We will let him go. The difference is that fans think “the sooner the better” Levy (as he must) thinks “the more , the better.” Thank you, Christian for past services (for which you were well paid). You have already left mentally; time for your body to follow.

  5. JimmyGrievance says:

    Levy’s being Levy’d

  6. Billy the yid says:

    Just as a side issue, I wonder if willy Hill will be taking bets on eriksen going in deadline day. Late. So another batch of January income is stashed away, dembele, and various others….

    • Cabspur says:

      Never ever to be spent again on anything similar to a summer war chest ,not that we have ever had one of those. Probably spent on upgrading the new boat for Lewis…

  7. Marbella Spur says:

    Levy has become a parody of himself. There is another report today how he offered Aston Villa £3mill plus the totally useless Onomah for Grealish as he believed that Villa’s financial position was so dire they had to accept. There is not a boardroom in Europe who does not hold Levy in contempt.This man is totally toxic and has now become an embarrassment to the club. Joe Lewis is close to putting the club up for sale and if it happens, we will be at least rid of Levy.

    • Billy the yid says:

      A factor that has to be in play here is that all chairman now want to be seen as the one who got one over on Dan the man. As with the now surely proven nonsense that waiting in the transfer window only forces you into a corner, being a bar steward to deal with constantly is going to give any parties who you wish to do business with, extra incentive to make you suffer. Well not you Dan. Us. The fans. Meanwhile another 40 foot trailer of 50 quid notes disappeared down the high road….

      • James McKevitt says:

        That prize has already been claimed by Villa’s new owners last year when he thought he could get Jack Grealish for ten bob and a few footballs, and was told to do one.

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      Unless levy buys joe lewis shares 😫 don’t they both own stakes? I wonder if lewis has anything to do with it at all. He doesn’t even watch the matches does he? This has always seemed to be levys ‘project’.

    • East Stand says:

      He’s been sussed out and everyone knows what he’s about. He can only do deals for players no other sizeable club is after, even then he drives everyone to distraction over trying to squeeze every drop out of the deal.

      The thing that’s most laughable is when he says things like “I just do what’s best for Spurs” when he only ever does anything that’s best for ENIC.

      Consider the whole debacle of no signings for a year, the SEVENTEENTH highest net spend in the Premiership over five years. Spending 70m a season less than Ar5ena1 on wages, not backing our best coach of the Premiership era properly. Letting the potentially great side of a few seasons ago rot away and disintegrate.

      He is doing NOTHING in the interest of the fans whatsoever, just using them to top up the coffers of an investment project disguised as a football club.

      I really hope ‘6bn Lewis’ decides to sell up as if Levy really wants to “do the best for Spurs” then he will seek a suitable buyer ASAP.

      As with player deals, he will alienate all potential suitors with his nonsense and the club’s value will plummet, if it isn’t already.

      I can see no end to it, endless expectation management of the fans etc. Poch let us dream, Levy stamped all over it with his insufferable penny pinching. The man is a liar and a con man and so is the investment company he heads up…