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Did Serge Aurier Spit & Swear At Spurs Fans Last Night? [Video]
By Joe Fish -

Serge Aurier appeared to spit in the direction of Tottenham Hotspur fans while celebrating his goal in last night’s 4-2 victory over Olympiacos.

The below video shows firstly Aurier’s goal, a most-stylish volley at the back post, and then his reaction to scoring. Watch closely at the 19-second mark.

Looking at that footgage, there can be no doubt that Aurier did spit into the crowd, but the question is whether he did it deliberately, or accidentally?

The release of the spit (eurgh) does coincide with Aurier being jumped by his teammates, so it could be that impact which propels it towards the stands.

But he follows this up with what looks like an aggressive expletive towards the fans at 23 seconds, which may suggest a motive to do it purposely?

I wouldn’t want to taint somebody as ‘a spitter’ – a tag that can be tough to drop – if it could have been an accident. Especially considering that Aurier’s two performances under Jose Mourinho have been encouraging.

What do you guys reckon? Guilty? Or making a big deal out of nothing?

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