Date: 23rd August 2018 at 1:02pm
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The humiliation never ends.

While other football clubs are busying themselves about the business of football, Spurs are the lead item on Newsround.

Home-less, Naming Rights-less, Signing-less and now Shame-less.

Dele Alli unveils new version of hand gesture celebration, does he?

I’ve not just been been unveiling hand gestures at this air head for some time, I’ve had to put my television set in a chicken wire cage.

Who cares if we don’t win anything this season?

At least we lead the way in viral crazes for primary school children, eh?

This is the bird time that Dele Ali has been the lead time on the CBBC news show for kiddiwinks.

I’ve joked before over our public relations and who mismanages them, but this is has stopped being been awkward and become full blown damning.

Harmless fun?¬†Yeah sure, if you’re Playaway legend, Brian Cant.

Dele’s no Brian Cant.

I would however be keen to see him go through the round window.