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On a morning as brisk as this, some of our friends from the north will be imbibing snifters of gravy from hip flasks to fend off the effects of not owning a coat. Many of this disparate tribe can be observed semi naked, as they make their way up and down Tottenham Court road looking for a football stadium, occasionally stopping to shout “Poofta!” through the door of an electrical goods retailer.

Brad for Hugo again. Mmmn. Can’t say that’s good news. If the statement from the club was true, and we’ve no reason to believe it isn’t, then are we really bowing the pressure of attention seekers in the press?

No start for Lamela which is more unsurprising than it is disappointing. See you on the 63rd minute, then kid. Inverted wingers and a pensioner between the sticks. Yay!




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