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Concern for Tottenham as doctor believes key player could be out for longer than initially expected

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham defender Micky van de Ven suffered an injury setback during their recent victory against Aston Villa, where he displayed exceptional performance in the first half, aiding in maintaining a goalless scoreline.

However, his impressive display was cut short as he sustained a hamstring injury early in the second half, leading to his substitution.

He was replaced by new signing Radu Dragusin, who stepped up and contributed significantly to Tottenham’s commanding 4-0 win over Aston Villa.

But despite initial positive reports suggesting that van de Ven’s injury was not severe, recent updates from injury expert Dr. Rajpal Brar indicate a potential delay in his return to action.

Dr. Brar suggests that while manager Ange Postecoglou’s assessment of the injury remains optimistic, the full extent of van de Ven’s condition has yet to be disclosed.

Although the injury appears to be a thigh injury, making definitive predictions is challenging without further details.

While Postecoglou remains hopeful for van de Ven’s return after the international break, Dr. Brar believes he will be out longer, with a comeback against Luton unlikely.

The severity of the injury will likely become clearer as van de Ven progresses in his recovery and resumes training post the international break.

He told Tottenham News:

“Sounds like the assessment is ongoing but the comments from Ange are positive.

“We don’t have much information other than it being a thigh injury so it’s hard to give best vs worst case but typically that would be a difference of days vs months out.

“A better gauge will be to see how he’s training after the international break.

“I still think it’s unlikely he’s back for the next game.“

As they aim to secure crucial points in upcoming fixtures, Tottenham will rely on van de Ven’s recovery to strengthen their defensive resolve.

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