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‘Club Plants Story Shocker’
By Harry Hotspur -

‘The reasons why Tottenham have not completed any transfer business yet this summer‘ they said.

Go on, then. I thought. What’s the worst that could happen?

Reason 1 First off, very few clubs have made any early moves in the transfer window.

Less of a reason. More of an entirely unrelated observation.

Fans of entirley unrelated observations may be keen to discover that this week I observed that baked beans cook best when placed in one of those purpose made microwave tubs, after 5 minutes on a high heat, you can not only really create a richer source, but the beans retain their heat longer when nuking them like this.

Reason 2 Pochettino is expected back soon following a holiday in northern Spain.

Unless Mauricio’s holiday is includes a vow of silence, in the depths of of some remote monastry, what does his whereabouts have to do woth the price of fish?

Reason 3 Then there is the international break following the season

Again, only a dull child would imagine this to be an obstacle. International breaks are a complete irrelevance.

Players are only unable to pick up a phone when either playing or training.


All in all, this piece was either penned by someone that either isn’t very bright, or someone that isn’t very bright and agreed to plant this rubbish on behalf of the club.

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