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Club Announcement Greeted With Pelters

By The Boy -

When you’re in a Public Relations Hole, stop digging. 

Stadium chaos highlights include: A worker skydiving from roof. Floods. Faulty wiring. No naming rights. 100% over budget. No opening date. Allegations of drug use on site. There’s probably more, there’s something new every week.

On the pitch, the manager has sworn at – and regaled the press with an analogy about cows that didn’t make sense.

Oh yes, and we’ve lost out last 3 games.

Then this seminal announcement was made online.




One of the world’s leading universities.’

If guess if you were a Brazilian street child, with a piece of cardboard for a pillow, I would imagine that the world’s 232nd best university, might appear aspirational.


“This Global Football Development Program partnership with one of the world’s leading universities will see two FA & UEFA qualified Tottenham Hotspur coaches train participating University of Wollongong students for 36 weeks a year over a period of five years.” say the University on their website.


“Coaches will deliver authentic methods developed within the Tottenham Hotspur Academy to help students reach their full potential” 


Uh oh. I hope these aren’t the same coaches that have made such fist of the Academy.



Surprisingly, this exciting news was met with a blunt contempt by the overwhelming majority of fans that replied to the Tweet on social media.



The bulk of fans not only don’t care about these deeply inauthentic ‘partnerships’, but actively rail against them.

If the club was winning trophies, then this nonsense would be more likely to be indulged.

As it is, it simply looks to be further exploitation of the brand – that used to represent a football club.

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