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Christian Eriksen tipped for FA Cup duty at Southampton, days before likely Inter Milan medical
By Rob S -

Christian Eriksen has most probably played his final home game for Spurs but he could be involved at Southampton in the FA Cup this weekend.

A Press Association report, published by the Southern Daily Echo, claimed on Friday that Eriksen was expected to travel to St Mary’s with the rest of the Tottenham squad, despite intense speculation that a move to Inter Milan is imminent.

The PA report acknowledged rumours coming from Italy that Eriksen will head to Milan within days.

But they still believed he would be available against an opponent he has enjoyed facing in the past – Eriksen has four goals against Southampton to his name.

It is not just Italian publications claiming Eriksen is Milan-bound. The Guardian wrote on Friday afternoon that the Dane was set to have a medial in northern Italy early next week.

Eriksen is currently sat on 69 Spurs goals. He was booed recently by sections of the home support but one suspects he will be given a better send-off by the travelling following – especially if he can sign off with goal no.70 in a season-boosting cup win.

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23 responses to “Christian Eriksen tipped for FA Cup duty at Southampton, days before likely Inter Milan medical”

  1. hamlet says:

    Levy have handed this Great playmaker Christian Eriksen case disastrously!

    When a player wants to leave as bad as Eriksen, and seek a new challenge…You let him leave..You dont try to keep him at all costs!

    Bye Spurs, new favorite team Inter Milan…New fave PL teams, leicester and Liverpool…Thanks for the cry´s and highs last 6 years and half Coys! Was a ride, where you should have run the PL 3 years running at least, but the gods did not want it…

  2. Limerick AL. says:

    Who writes this Bollocks ?

    • hamlet says:

      Well, he got 69 goals, and 89 Assists? The numbers 70 and 90 sure would look nice? But not going to happen now! Inter player tomorrow, or by the end of this week….Go Inter..

  3. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Squeezing the last of that rotten plum jam out of the jar.. Pointless.. I would rather play skipp or parrot or even gladys… Anyone with a bit of heart and passion.

    • Jonathan Hurst says:

      Would rather jose himself played for the lols. Eriksen has waved by to the crowd like 3 times and levy keeps dragging out the fiasco of a transfer. Time to move on

      • hamlet says:

        Waved by, or bye? Well, both will be a fact hopefully by tomorrow…Move closer Eriksen, move the ball real close to Eriksen, untill like it feels the football is really making love…

    • hamlet says:

      The sooner Eriksen find a great team, deservedly of his talent, the better for all parts…Spurs destiened to go back to being Spursy now… Bye Spurs…New favorite team, Inter Milan….You have treated Eriksen horrible last year…You are so ungrateful for anything he has achieved for you! For that crime alone, you deserve to miss out of champions league next year…

  4. Playing Eriksen today would be like playing with 10 men.

  5. hamlet says:

    Would be insane if Eriksen have to star for Spurs, already having singned unto Inter Milan, and deal done?

    Would not be surprised if levy is hoping for some kind of career ending fault here in Christian Eriksen?

    I am sure, and hopeful that Eriksen is clever enough not to step into such a trap of his, and will play it safe for his new team, if called up! All of Denmark hoping so anyway!

  6. James McKevitt says:

    Totally unprofessional, could have left with everyone’s best wishes, just an undignified ending.

    • hamlet says:

      Spurs fans have treated him horrible.. As have Levy and Spurs overall..Underpaid him, though the brains behind the Spurs revival since he arrived…

      Its a horrible comment…You should be ashamed of yourself…And in there honouring Christian , when he says his farewell at the spurs stadium, if ever will bother now!

      You would never ever have been continously in Champions League without him last years.. You are ungratefull, spiteful. Shamefull spurs supporters have a lot to answer for the Eriksen transfer agenda..Shame on you all…Your lack of appreciation etc…

      • Jonathan Hurst says:

        Absolute codswallop mate the crowd and fans were behind him for 12 of the 18 months he has been absolute and utter turd. Yes he was underpaid by relevance but he signed the contract and has ample chance to significantly improve it! He could of walked out head high and people would of cheered for him and been sad. But he has stopped playing. HE has put performances in worthy of about 10£ a week for club and played awesome for his country, HE has single handedly destroyed his image for the fans. So he is getting what he deserves

        • hamlet says:

          Toss! Eriksen are completely in his right not to have given loo% to Spurs last year, since stated he wanted to leave. In fact started 18 months plus ago, when refusing to sign spurs offer of contract and wanted Kane wage comparity. If you had given him that, you would not be where you are at now…And the mess last 18 months for Spurs..

          He has been abused by your spurs fans so horrific. and the team bosses in Levy…He has nothing to be apologetic about…He was the brains behind the spurs revival last 6 years, that will now fizzle out..Remember, a revival that not even Modric and Bale in the team managed to do?

          You will go back to being spursy now..Eriksen will go on for his deserved glory! He´s got nothing to apologise for..Worked the hardest for spurs of any player last 6 years for Spurs….You just got something up your bum, that needs to be removed somehow…

          • Jonathan Hurst says:

            Wow your delusional he hasnt been the key to the revival moussa takes credit If anyone (sorry hes not danish) and no one has the right to not give 100% and expect no stick I am grateful for the good he did during a team revival he was 1/16th of when he played but your acting like he was carrying us like messi!!!
            The stick stays in my bum until you go but some glasses and hearing aids, clear your nose and smell the Rose’s

            He has at no point in his career been our most important player I agree at one point he deserved parity of wage or as close as but he didnt get it so you try for the fans until you leave not 18 months of championship football then moan your not treated as a god

            Please before you respond with rubbish and false claims with startling precision, like a sniper using bullshi.. as ammunition will you just think about it please

            • hamlet says:

              Hey Baby, You go your way, and Ill go mine…But in the meantime,,,When Eriksen is playing, touching the ball, and the ball do what he feels, when he is dancing, smooching and swaying, tender ball playing , softly playing…Move closer…Move the ball a little closer until Eriksen feels like we are really playing ball…Move closer,,,Move the ball a little closer to Eriksen, untill it feels like the ball is really making love…So when I say, sugar, that Eriksen is wonderful, Well, I know you going to answer in nonsense, but I loved Spurs too, but there is much room for passion when he on! Tender love playing, softly playing…Move closer the ball to Eriksen, until the football is really making love… Move the ball closer to Eriksen,,,Move your whole team, untill we feel, like we are really making love…Move closer,,,Move the ball real close to eriksen, until it feels like we are really making love..

              • Jonathan Hurst says:

                Well not sure if that was a football response or erotic poetry but your missing the point! Eriksen is wonderful his ability with the ball is world class I love watching him play and if it weren’t for the last 18 months would sing his name and would wish him good luck! But for 18 months I havent watched him play, I’ve watched him sulk his ability with a ball turned into nothing. 1 free kick I remember in the last year.

                Keep writing tho your good at erotica

                • hamlet says:

                  Football is about erotic poetry..But not surprised you dont get that!

                  When a player like Eriksen says he wants to leave, you let him leave..Full stop. Spurs fcked it all up by not wanting to listent to him-read Levy! You lost him, when he demanded a fair wage share-as other star midfielders in PL, where he has been continously underpaid for his greatness for untold time…You dont treat a world class player like that, and step out of it without cost. If Spurs had given Eriksen what he wanted last summer, this mess would never have been…Bye spurs…Go Inter, new favorite world team of mine…PS eriksen have played flawless overall for Denmark during this, and gave his all…He had like 2 underpar games, but nothing overall…Was the game maker in the rest about sigledhandedly…Why we are in Euro2020…Would never have happended without him…

      • Limerick AL. says:

        Get real. Ericksen is and always will be a Flat Track Bully, and a Spineless Fake.

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Tintin is overrated. A proven bottler. Consistently goes missing in big games. Only winners wanted at our club. Our fans didn’t treat bobby the soldier soldado horrible. He at least tried. Eriksen happy to leave winning nothing then its good riddance I reckon. Half a job.. He has been a massive reason we win nothing. Relying on him he will let you down.. Its alot of casual fans eventually seeing him for what he his.. A load of fans have been frustrated with him for many months, even years…. Time to move the snowflake on.

        • hamlet says:

          Rubbish. Eriksen a game win continously for Spurs, often made the crucial goal-assist to seal a victory for Spurs. In fact , its loo% proven that Spurs would never ever have been continously in Champions league last 5 years without Eriksen! NEVER EVER! He was the continous difference..And the player with most minutes on the field for Spurs since he arrived, as the player who ran and covered most ground in games, of all spurs players that is!

          You guys will see what you are missing when he is gone….May you lose all games, as he leave…New favorite team, hopefully tomorrow already, Is Inter Milan…Now go bck to being spursy…

  7. Brian Fisher says:

    Eriksen has already left the club in spirit. Past time for the body to follow. Starting Eriksen when we have LoCelso and N’Dombele is giving up before we start. Leave Eriksen at home (with Rose)

    • Andy says:

      Plus he is not going to put himself in a position to get injured, it will be all about self-preservation. NOT his fault, either.

      • hamlet says:

        Of course not…Eriksen deserve better than what he has received at spurs? Both wage wise, and fan wise?

        He will risk no injury starting at spurs from now on naturally! Just take a few opputunistic kicks at most, naturally? He has been underpaid at Spurs since he arrived, and underappreciated! He dont needs to prove anybody of his value…Its known by every competing spurs team around in lo.ooo miles..