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Celebrate Spurs’ End Of The Season Run In With Our Pals At Beavertown!

By Bill Tidy -

Teaming up Beavertown with Tottenham Hotspur was a distinctly clever move, in fact, it was a world first for any football stadium, and it allowed fans to enjoy a local brewery’s exciting range of craft beers, produced on-site.

Beavertown is the largest independent craft brewer in London and sits at the heart of London’s growing craft beer scene. They arrived in Tottenham in 2014, having outgrown two previous brewery sites, and have made it their home ever since. The team has more than quadrupled in size in that time and is set to expand further with dedicated brewers and brew assistants required to run the brand-new kit that is set to be installed in the state-of-the-art brewery inside our world-class stadium.

Not only do Beavertown excel at brewing beer, but they’re also delivering some fabulous merch which includes the Spurs xBeavertown-themed apparel as we all as a tonne of groovy gifts and way-out glassware, all of which are now offered to The Boy Hotspur readers at a discounted price, using the code THEBOYHOTSPUR10 using the link above!

Over 10 years ago, something crash-landed in the kitchen of a North London grill joint and Beavertown was born in BBQ sauce and gamma-rays. Soon, we were humbly brewing great beers for everyone – made to be enjoyed anywhere in the universe, on earth…or even your mate Steve’s garden. These days, our North London mothership (…brewery, sorry we get carried away sometimes) brews enough pints to fill over 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools – that’s right, imagine doing laps in that! (Please drink and swim responsibly).

Beavertown aims to stimulate and inspire Spurs fans and take them on a Beavertown journey, serving a range of different beers from our core line-up and specials as well as showcasing our Spurs x Beavertown collaboration beer and our Neck Oil Session IPA and aid deliver THFC’s vision of an unparalleled stadium experience.

Beavertown radiates über cool branding for their delicious beers that mix outer space with skulls leaving fans feeling entirely energised, set the phasers to slurp!


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