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“Can’t see any way that he’s at the club next season” – Journalist makes big admission about Tottenham man

By Mehdi Gokal -

It appears that Antonio Conte’s decision to potentially leave his position as head coach of Tottenham is driven by personal reasons.

According to The Sun’s Martin Lipton, Conte wants to be closer to his loved ones in his home country and does not want to continue living away from home.

This desire is said to have been intensified by the recent loss of several close friends.

Gianluca Di Marzio claimed that Tottenham have offered Conte a new contract, but he is reported to have said that he does not want to think about the future at this time.

Conte himself has mentioned that the passing of friends has caused him to reevaluate his priorities and made him reflect on the fact that he is living away from his family.

Lipton has now stated that he can’t see Conte staying at Tottenham next season and that his decision to potentially leave is not related to the club’s board, players, or transfers, but is a personal choice.

He also noted that it is a normal human reaction for someone to reassess their life and priorities after experiencing such loss, and that Conte’s professional conduct will ensure that he will not leave immediately.

He told Off The Ball about Conte:

“I can’t see any way that he’s at the club next season at the moment. For a variety of reasons, but he gave the primary reason in the press conference before the game. It’s nothing to do with the board, the players or transfers or any of that.

“He fears that he’s getting old, he’s had a number of close friends die recently and he’s reassessing his life and asking ‘do I really want to be away from home any longer?’ and the answer is no. 

“It’s a perfectly normal human reaction. He’s professional and he won’t leave now, but I don’t think his heart is in it right now because he feels he’s let people down by being away and he wants to go home.”

It is understandable that losing close friends and being away from loved ones would be difficult for anyone to handle and it is particularly hard for Conte as he is currently living in London.

Ultimately, it seems that Conte’s decision to potentially leave is driven by a desire to be closer to home and loved ones, rather than any issues with the club.


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