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Can You Name This International Footballer?
By Harry Hotspur -


The Interlull is over. And, aside from the death of Christian Eriksen, we appear to have come out of things relatively unscathed.

But will it stay that way? Jermain Defoe seems to have caught Redschnapps disease. Suddenly, he appears incapable of even ordering monogrammed kitchen roll, without opening his heart to a national newspaper:

It’s important that everyone goes back to their clubs and plays games to try to impress the manager.

It’s a long way to go before the World Cup. There is a lot of football to be played and we will see what happens. You never know, I might play every game from now on.”

The answer is West Ham. If he goes there, he’ll play every week, he won’t get dropped, even when Sir Sniffhard gets back from the States. Big Sam will love a bit of little man big man. *shudders*

Commentary on England’s game on ITV4 last night had more than a passing resemblance to Anton Diffring’s in “Escape To Victory” as a passable save by Hart was dubbed “his most important in an England shirt.” When Germany held the ball, conversation meandered off into the surreal realms of crochet patterns and greyhound husbandry. #AndyTownsendMustDie

The bottom line on England is that National team is complete and utter waste of time and effort. Supporting England in 2013 must be like trying to take up smoking in 2013. Lots of standing around trying not to look utterly useless.

Bonzo had a stormer.


This Mousa story has been a weird one. Here is the unattributed quote supposedly from the Belgium media:

The coach has explained that he makes a tactical choice, he wants more defensive players in midfield. I can’t be satisfied with it, of course, I just want to play as many games.”

This has been enough to prompt transfer rumours linking our #19 with a moves to Napoli, Newcastle and Villa. Which makes sense.


The John Craven’s Newsround … and finally™ item must be the Fleet Spurs business. In a nutshell, the Wessex League Division One club held a competition for a fan to redesign their club badge. The winner had blatantly copy and pasted the Spurs logo.

Some believe that Spurs have behaved in a bully boy manner.

My take is that I saw a bloke people caught shoplifting once, and he behaved much like the the Fleet Spurs director is now, shouting “You’re breaking my arm!” and “Is this how you treat customers?!” as he was escorted to the manager’s office. A trail of Curlywurlys, sunglasses, lipsticks and DVDs clattered to the floor in his wake.




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