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Can Tottenham Still Grab A Top 4 Spot?

By The Boy -

Spurs are out of another domestic cup., but it’s worth remembering the priorities of the club. Financially, the traditional trophies have become headaches, migraines even, that don’t come close to paying for themselves. The winners of the FA cup get £2 million in prize money, whereas simply qualifying for the Champions League nets you €15.6 million. Winning a Group game in the Champions League earns you €2.8 million. And if Spurs beat AC Milan next week, it’s worth a staggering €10.6 million.

So call it a disconnect, call it what you want, the fans need to wake up to where the club’s priorities lie, which brings us neatly onto a distinct betting advantage to be found. How do we make smart bets on Tottenham Hotspur matches, is always a burning question for fans, largely thanks in part to inconsistencies that would test the patience of a saint. This is a side that can routinely dispatch Manchester City at home in the Premier League, yet be comprehensively outwitted by Championship sides away. Match.Center is our favourite online spot with its Informative statistical graphics, excellent range of top events to bet on, and loyalty programme. You get value and invaluable guidance.

If you want a flutter on Tottenham, the data says that the games to aim for are the ones that are worth the most to the club, and don’t forget the players. What do you think the performance bonuses are like for a domestic cup game? Well unless the clubs are heavily supplementing them from elsewhere, then logic dictates that they will be tiny compared to the top tier of international football. Which, love it or hate it, is going to seriously affect the determination of players to get a win over the line. Sure, one could accuse the Champions League of destroying these now, lesser competitions, yet equally the combustion engine was the end of the horse. Time moves on.

Tottenham’s problem is that they are unlikely to beat the current teams above them, and, they cannot be entirely relied upon to win against all the sides beneath them. Recent wins against West Ham and Chelsea reflect that the Hammers are fighting relegation and the Blues will not be a top-six side again until they get their act together.

Spurs’ real problem with the top four is much like a dog chasing cars. What do we do with it, if and when we catch one? Passing the qualifying stage is great, but to then only fail to make it past the head-to-head games, provides perspective; but it does pay the bills, so that’s when to back the club!







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