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Build In Haste Repent At Leisure

By The Boy -

Daniel Levy the man with the Midas touch.

In reverse.

He can turn gold into guano.


It’s come to light that the catalyst for the stadium shambles was none other than Daniel Q Bunglepants.

The Sun are carrying quotes from Stadium chief Nick Cooper who has put the delay down to trying to rush the project through.

For anyone now plotting a thunderbolt storm of excuses, what we’re effectively talking about here is someone trying to barge a square peg into a round hole.


Floods, faulty wiring, a bloke skydiving off the roof, not to mention allegations of drug and drink use on site are just some of the edited highlights.

It’s also been revealed that Mace and their subcontractors and agents refused to sign a penalty clause because the scale of the task was so heavily weighted against reality.

Any fans still wondering if ENIC raked in the season ticket and corporate monies in, despite knowing the scheduled opening date was unlikely, could at best be called as being ‘slow on the uptake’.


The last rasps of cognitive dissonance come from supporters mumbling about ‘…but it will be worth waiting for.’

This really has been a depressing process, not unlike listening to religious nutters defending the blatant non-existence of their particular god.

Highest paid chairman in the league.

Nice work if you can get it.

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