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Brighton Will Be A Tough Gig

By The Boy -

Despite being nestled in 14th spot in the Premier League, there’s barely a cigarette paper between Brighton and the mighty Spurs.

Which provides a chilling insight into our own form, when you try to work out why there are a mere 4 points that separate us.

The Seagulls also beat Manchester United, were beaten by Watford, and found Fulham heavy going.



This trip to the Amex is unlikely to be a straightforward affair.

Over recent blogs we’ve looked at the mechanics of Spurs’ play and the critical areas that we are weak.

Unless our existing midfield personnel ‘suddenly’ chip in with some stellar performances, looking for positives is tough.

There are valid reasons as to why we’ve lost our last 3 matches.



I note that the Premier League website has two elements on its overall stats page – with Christian Eriksen the only Spurs player representing across the core Top Ten Player Disciplines of goals, assists, passes and saves.

When it comes to club stats, covering goals, passes, clean sheets and crosses Tottenham managed to make the 3 of the Club Top Tens.

What’s curious though, is that we’ve made the 4th most passes in the league – but this rather uncomfortably tallies up with the fact that very few of these passes are being converted into even half chances in dangerous areas.


All roads at the moment lead to the same conclusions; Pochettino ought to have shipped in at least two players, a playmaker to eventually replace Dembele and someone to immediately replace Llorente.


The game isn’t priced as one might have predicted before the season started.

Brighton are 14/5, Tottenham are 13/10 and the draw is 13/15.






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