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“Best thing you’ve ever tweeted” Lots Of Fans React To This Belter Of A Video: ‘Ball Like Ndombele’
By Harry Hotspur -

Social media posts from the THFC official account have been met with mixed reactions over that last few months.

The old ‘show further replies including ones containing offensive language?’ message has been a regular sight, this season.

This clip however, has struck a happy chord across the fan base. And rightly so. Tanguy Ndombele is perfectly placed to become a terrace hero.

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37 responses to ““Best thing you’ve ever tweeted” Lots Of Fans React To This Belter Of A Video: ‘Ball Like Ndombele’”

  1. East Stand says:

    Suddenly, after Red Star away, it feels like the green shoots of Poch’s second act at Spurs are becoming visible…

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Slightly premature me lud me thinks!!

      • David Dillenberg says:

        Personally I think Pouch has outstayed his welcome and with the resources at his disposal taken the club as far as he can go without yet delivering any tangible success called yes winning trophies!!

        • East Stand says:

          I said ‘green shoots’ so how is that in any way premature?

          When we have owners who have overseen only one League Cup in almost two decades. When we have the 7th highest wage budget and one of the lowest net spends. When we sign no players for a whole season ‘success’ is surely measured accordingly?

          Therefore consistent top 4 places and a Champions League final appearance is success in relative terms. Anyone advocating replacing Poch is an idiot…

  2. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    If we had gone and got Mateo Kovacic too that would at been a tasty CM pair with NDombele.

    • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

      Or on top Tielmans or Brozovic, 1 of them anchoring with Mateo and NDombele in a 2 ahead and a front 3 of Kane, Lozano and Hagi Jr. That’s ambition Mr Levy.

      • Eddie says:

        Or even Maddison and Brookes or Lewis Cooke.Not with this chairman unfortunately.

        • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

          Yes, Madison too. Any 4 of that lot would have been fairly cheap 18 months back. Lozanos gone to Napoli so another one missed.

          • Eddie says:

            But we do have the best negotiator in the business though,to go with the best stadium,best academy and best training facilities.
            What’s not to like?

            • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

              Kevin Spacey he ain’t….

            • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

              If levy was the best negotiator in the business then we would have the best players, best team.. We would be serial winners.. Humpty dumpty has been exposed for a while now. While he was chasin the likes of berahino and grealish, top clubs like liverpool were signing the likes of salah and van dik… If you want an example of a good acadamy then look at benfica, they are the best… Losing repeatedly for 20 years is what’s not to like.. Enic jumped on the bandwagon in 2001 because it changed from div 1 to premiership and money was flooding into the game. Vultures. Twenty years it took levy to come up with the nfl plan. Jesus wept my friend

          • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

            Or of course McGinn and Pukki

  3. Spurs est1882 says:

    So – back to football, team at the weekend picks itself right? Well part of me wants to keep the team that started Wednesday night, and part of me wants below:
    Foyth, Sanchez, Toby, Sessegnon
    Ndombele, Dier, LoCelso
    Moura, Son
    I was torn on Dier/Sissoko, but you cant play them both against Sheff United at home…

    • Eddie says:

      In that line up I would choose Sissoko as he moves the ball forward better out of defence and I think he is stronger on the ball.I’ve said earlier that the game against RSB showed Dier is more suited to CB.But the three new boys should start,however whether Poch agrees is another matter.

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        I agree a little about Dier, but I think he offers a more flexible option to allow the full backs forward. I think Sissoko is a bit directionless sometimes.

      • Dan says:

        Unfortunately I’d say there is zero chance of the three new boys starting. Poch said 3 games in 6 days at the presser so it just lubing is up for the Eriksen, winks and Ali rogering

    • East Stand says:

      Not sure about pushing Dier into midfield, although he could play as part f a back three coming out with the ball. I feel his role long term will be as a central defender.

    • East Stand says:

      I bet your **** Aurier and Toby are back in…

  4. Panama Paul says:

    Just read this on news now that The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has won a prestigious trophy (yet another one) – Project of the Year award at the 2019 UK Building Awards.

    Can’t believe that ‘late, over budget and mismanaged’ were actually criteria. I guess that’s why we got the trophy cabinet. The stadium has won more trophies in its short lifetime than any team under ENIC’s reign. Go figure.

    • Tappaspur says:

      You know you wish it was on your manor 😊. Sorry mate she belongs to Tottenham London.

      • Tappaspur says:

        Every time I go past their one on the Holloway road I laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

        • East Stand says:

          A mate of mine is a casual Gooner and went to our new place on a complimentary ticket through his work. He said our place is on a completely different level.

          The Emptycrates just feels a bit poorly designed crowd wise in comparison. It feels a lot older, 10 years is a long time in stadium design it seems.

          The Spammers ex athletics stadium is a turd polishing project if ever there was one…

          • Tappaspur says:

            There’s no place like our home. I’m proud we’ve got the best of everything. Everyone is jealous of our set up yet some of our own fans slate it off. Muppets.

            • East Stand says:

              That’s all great, the ambition on the pitch needs to match the building projects though. Do ENIC have in in them? If not, sell to the Chinese ffs!

              • Tappaspur says:

                We are where we are. Simple. Let’s roll on.

                • Tappaspur says:

                  Until someone can say to me 100% we would’ve won stuff if we didn’t spend all our money on our wonderful big stadium I’ll keep on loving it. The welding work gone into it is special 😁

      • Panama Paul says:

        Ha ha 🤣 The Optus Stadium in Perth is similar but without the NFL abomination. Expecting 39 degrees here today, things are gonna get a little sweaty.

        • Tappaspur says:

          Some people expecting that amount in inchs of rain here (up north) it gonna get wetty😊 my stadium is bigger than your stadium so there😁

  5. Tappaspur says:

    And to think some FOOLS on here didn’t/dont rate him😂😂 mugs.

  6. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    *Edit Terrace hero for Halloumi salad client reference number unit shifter.