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Best Season In 5 Years
By Harry Hotspur -

With the biggest game in European club football against Liverpool to come on June 1, Pochettino can sniff the glory.

“I think we can make history,” he told PA Sport, “We are creating history because we are making it, but if we can win we will write history and change the perception of this amazing club.

“Four top-four finishes, four Champions League qualifications and the cherry on the cake will be the Champions League final.”

“This group of players deserve so much credit. They have put so much unbelievable effort in.

“The players and staff have shown so much character. We broke down all the doors when the circumstances were against us with the new stadium stuff.

“So to see their capacity to fight again makes me so proud. I think this is our best season in our five years.”

The final against Liverpool is guaranteed to become a seminal moment in Tottenham’s history.

Should Spurs win, it would be unforgivable for ENIC not back Pochettino, even if it were to mean significantly restructuring the club’s finances.

This is isn’t talk of a wild splurge, more of giving the right man the right tools for the job.

Should Spurs lose, Mauricio may find Levy less forthcoming when it comes to ‘Mauricio’s next chapter’.

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10 responses to “Best Season In 5 Years”

  1. StephenL says:

    I cannot believe that even the miserly Levy will not back Poch if we win the ECL. If we lose,like Harry i have my doubts. Personally would love to see De light and Tadic in a White Shirt.

  2. Spurs est1882 says:

    I was thinking today. . who would we want. Let’s “assume” we can keep everyone we choose to. And can sell all those we wish to. Let’s pretend we have a reasonable amount of money (not Man City… but not ENIC fc) i quite like Teilmanns at Leicester. We would also need a new right back and a central midfielder or 3 (replace dembele, Dier and wanyama). Not one of the players i would touch would be Bale, great on his day, but his day is barely 1 in 3.

    • MrChickenHead says:

      Tielemans, yes please. I liked the N’ Dombele rumours, think he would be great. The Sessengon Bros would be nice too. Bale No.

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        I was going to say ndobele too. I don’t mind Gomez on loan at Everton either. None of these would be too expensive.

        • MrChickenHead says:

          Gomez didn’t do anything on his loan spell, lots of talk about it being the worst thing the Toffs could of done. I’d take Dinge the fullback/winger though too.

  3. roforofoSpurs says:

    I don’t think I want Bale back, because, he insists on fighting for his Madrid spot, despite the all-round ignominy he’s been subjected to by the fans, which seems fair if Bale can’t be bothered to learn Spanish, after 6 years; SPANISH, FFS! … it’s not like we’re talking Mandarin.

    He seems to have a fixation with Real that makes me think his head will always be there.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      I agree. Spanish is one of the easiest languages in the world, he is being lazy. I wonder also if he is really injured as much as stats would say or is he one of those that if it’s not perfect he is injured.

    • East Stand says:

      This Bale talk seems a bit far fetched. Ok, say Levy funds some spending is he going to spend a reported 50% of his wages (150k) a week and a 10m loan fee on an injury prone 29 year old? I doubt it.

  4. Sid Trotter says:

    I believe we will sign 1 stellar and 2 average players