Date: 25th January 2019 at 12:03pm
Written by:
Thank you a gain, LegOverLass!

I am fed up to the back teeth with always being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

I am also fed up with Pooch trying to justify yet another big match defeat as something to be “proud” of because we “competed”.

Competing is the base line and winning is what you are proud of. Being proud of a defeat is the language of a loser.

Levy we all know is the main culprit in this never ending GroundHog Day saga but Pooch is very much complicit having been here five years and still mumbling about projects and being ahead in terms of development.look at the figures since ENIC took control.

One pathetic League Cup victory in over 17 years and bottom of the league table in net investment levels.

These two facts are not mutually exclusive They tell the story that deep down we all know.

Our best players never stay because they are not paid the going rate and they want success.

The fact that Levy pays himself the highest salary in the EPL and the fact that Pooch is paid amongst the highest wages is not overlooked by our players and their agents when they are being told there is not enough money in the pot to pay them a going rate.

This is where the disconnect exists between the differing ambitions of the owners and the players and the supporters.

It creates a situation in which we never progress further than the promise of jam tomorrow.

Pooch is now firmly tarnished with that smell as he took the money in the summer and is prepared to flog his squad to death to justify his own warped sense of ego that he and he alone has this different ability of turning water into wine with a team so clearly lacking in many areas: The reality is what we saw yet again last night.

Make no mistake over the two legs Chelsea in terms of individual quality were a quantum leap ahead of us.