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The Final Score On balance we found ourselves fortunate that Liverpool were only slightly less underwhelming then we were. Neither team did this European Cup Final justice.

Barcelona and Ajax fans will be pondering how this second rate game managed to deprive their sides of the Box Office billing.

The Penalty. Crying over spilt milk just above covers this one. It wasn’t intentional, but it was an arm in an unnatural position. If you are determined in your bleating, I suggest you send your letter to UEFA (don’t forget to ask mummy for a stamp).

What Happened To Us? Footballers are as highly strung as Grade A race horses, it doesn’t take much for all to be inexplicably lost.

Nerves can play a part, as can overtraining. In a business were gossip is endemic, to know that one or two of your team mates are playing their last game with you can also be a distraction.

Excuses At the risk of sounding like TV’s Gregg Wallace, ‘there are no excuses at this level’. If you can’t turn it on in a European Cup final, then now everyone knows your level.

Statistical Analysis reveals nothing we haven’t already seen in numerous utterly dreadful Premier League games this season. More of this later.

Levyologists will undoubtedly still be found mumbling about ride enjoyment. Despite the jig being well and truly up.

The truth is that ENIC sunk your money (and a further £627million of it) into a shopping centre.

Nobody walked away from last night’s game talking about an maginifcent stadium or training facilities you could eat your dinner off.

Last night in a nutshell?

The best manager we’ve had since Burkinshaw wasn’t backed.

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