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Are We Any Better Off, 12 Years On? Throwback To 4-4 Chelsea Classic [video]

By Joe Fish -

God I miss football. How long has it been – a month? NINE DAYS?! Jeesh.

So you can forgive me for gobbling down these highlights of our famous 4-4 draw with Chelsea – on this day 12 years ago – like a slice of chocolate cake.

On the fourth or fifth watch, it occured to me that this 2008 team has plenty of parallels with the current side, which is alarming considering the relative heights we scaled under a couple of regimes in the intervening years.

This is the team from that classic London derby at White Hart Lane…

See if any of this sounds familiar?

Two top-class forwards who could be on their way – Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov left at the end of the 2008-09 season.

A pair of brilliant but ageing centre-halves.

Full-backs that can’t defend.

A once-loved goalkeeper firmly on the decline.

And a midfield full of mediocre options.

I took us a few seasons to recover from this in 2008 so be prepared for it to get worse, before it gets better again.

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Billy the yid
Billy the yid
2 years ago
Reply to  Jonathan Hurst


Jonathan Hurst
Jonathan Hurst
2 years ago

Why would we have 2 strikers doesnt sound familiar at all???

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