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Are Tottenham really ready for what Postecoglou might deliver?

By The Boy -

The appointment of Ange Postecoglou at Spurs was a curious one. Make no mistake, I’ve no contempt for Scottish football, it is what is, and perhaps to some footballing tastes south of Carlisle, the weight of the success achieved by Postecoglou so far might need to be tempered a little.

However, the remarkable nature of what Angelos is up to at Spurs has all the more to do with our old friend, Daniel Levy. At the best guess, Big Ange was at the very least, the club’s third choice, and so the strategy of the THFC Board whilst perhaps inspired, was at best puzzling. What it wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination was inspired. Cynics would have solid grounds for suggesting that our supremo had in fact lucked his way out of yet another sticky situation.

Tottenham’s knack for delivering high-stakes matches has made them a compelling choice for bettors looking to capitalize on the unpredictability of football on the continental stage. The team’s resilience and ability to go toe-to-toe with some of Europe’s football giants have provided odds specialists with plenty to analyse and predict, making every Spurs match in Europe a spectacle that keeps fans and bettors at the edge of their seats.

Odds specialists understand what ‘Big Ange’ has implemented at Spurs has to be applauded, purely on the back of results, and on the strength of our displays, simply because for all the talk of the supposed shackles being off under Ryan Mason, it was all anti-Serial Winner hokum. The reason Tottenham failed under the previous two coaches was that they had so many terrible players on their books! What Postecoglou did was introduce not just fresh blood in order to perpetuate churn, but refuse to indulge deadbeats like Eric Dier anymore.

The player acquisitions have so far been modest, but this is how the Greek-born Australian has always traditionally operated; Ange is a coach who wants to recruit the right players, as opposed to the most expensive. Perhaps Todd Boehly over the street at Chelsea Football Club might be twisting a little this season given the cash value of his transfers and the – so far extremely awful results that the Blues have generated.

Make no mistake, this is a lottery win of a deal for Spurs, but again, it is what it is.

Just as no sentient human would ever regard the winner of a lottery scratch card as a sound financial advisor, nobody in their right mind would accredit Daniel Levy as having steered the club intentionally in the right direction.

My interest in Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was founded upon the full-on embracing of the principles of the straight-talking Bill Nicholson. The attainment of silverware, competing meaningfully and leaving it all on the pitch, the green stuff. What ENIC has injected into this fan base is a willingness to embrace mediocrity, stupidity, and second and even third-best.

Postecoglou wasn’t our board’s first pick. What he is, is a guy that could deliver success. Actual success. Are you ready for that? More to point, is our CEO?!


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