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Are Hugo Lloris & Harry Kane The Next Big Spurs Names Out The Door This Summer? [video]
By Harry Hotspur -
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ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop and Mark Donaldson give us their thoughts on the idea that more senior players might be out the door marked “exit” this summer.

Hugo Lloris being branded mistake-prone is not unfair comment, but as a wise man once said, if people want goalkeepers that don’t make mistakes, then – they’re going to be disappointed – because they don’t exist. However, is a more pressing question might be, “…is Hugo’s time at Tottenham now naturally up?”

Harry Kane’s situation is ‘relatively’ straightforward, in so much that this is a supposedly world-class striker, yet he’s still not managed to lay his hand on any meaningful silverwear – and that has to be a major concern, surely?

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18 responses to “Are Hugo Lloris & Harry Kane The Next Big Spurs Names Out The Door This Summer? [video]”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    Don’t think anyone will be leaving yet. Coz levy ain’t buying for now. Can’t see many players coming or going to different clubs (especially over seas) at the moment. The whole $h!£ is on hold. C Eriksick. Missing England?🌚🌚 🎼he’s out in corona corona itaaaaaaalia🎵😂

  2. Limerick AL. says:

    Get your move Harry. TBH I feel that the groundwork has already being done. Pity that there is no EURO 2020 for you , because you would have ‘Done An Anderton’, Only a MORON would stay at Spurs . As Lord Croker has said elsewhere , this Covid 19 has taken the pressure from Parasite Levy. The guy is Poxed.

  3. England Mike says:

    IF I was Kane I would kick open Levy’s office door and demand what the future plan is for the club, get straight answers and decide what is best for himself. Should Kane choose to leave , we can all conclude from his decision that there is no hope of achieving success on the field with Levy in charge, as for Lloris I am not fussed .

    • Tappaspur says:

      £200 million offer? Bye harry.

      • England Mike says:

        I’d take that as long as every penny was spent on new top players.

        • Tappaspur says:

          Two £100 million quality strikers to give me 50+ games between them. Troy can have the rest🌚

        • Eddie says:

          Therein lies the elephant in the room.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          And Maureen to pick his players.. Not levy with his bargain bucket budget tired crocks….. Neither would happen. If we really had ambition then we’d be looking to keep him and build around him. He’s irreplaceable like messi ronaldo scholes gerrard etc… The top clubs keep their best players…… Selling clubs are a small clubs mentality.

        • Andy says:

          Ha ha. As if.

    • Andy says:

      Two major assumptions here: would Levy talk with the hired help and would he give straight answers to same?

  4. Spurs est1882 says:

    The fact I dont think Kane will force a move will help us…the issue is, I think Levy will simply go “KERCHING” if Kane suggested his time is now to go. Jose will want to build a squad (I would imagine), and ideally around Kane (again I imagine) but Levy will not want to spend…so given the 2 most likely scenarios (Kane stays and Jose gets the usual level of player, or Kane goes and Jose can consider real ballers in some key area’s) I think Jose may opt to lose Kane. Would break my heart, as I really love him playing, but it would be best for him, and likely best for us. Lets face it, hardly worth having Ferrari spoiler on a 1980 for fiesta! Having a world class striker with no supply, and no defence behind him is simply pointless.

  5. Billy the yid says:

    Anyone who thinks kane ain’t going is absolutely deluded. Nobody who is of the class we require will with stay or join. It’s that simple. Personally I think Hugo should go, and he’s done plenty for the club over the years, same for kane. But the bottom line as I’ve said til I’m blue in the face is, there are 2 currencies footballers deal in. Ridiculous wages and trophies. We do neither. All the nonsense about doing it the spurs way, which way Is that then? The ardiles and villa way? The gazza way? Klinsmann or ginola??? It never was the skipp and winks way, until these lot rocked up and took all the cash. I don’t blame either and I know that kane if he goes to city will get an absolute minimum 6 hat tricks nxt season, will win something alongside the golden Boot and double his wages. Bloody shame but this is the legacy them crooks have left us

    • Eddie says:

      Spot on Billy

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      People said that about shearer at newcastle. Manure constantly went for him.. Le tissier. Ledley king…Kane could be one of the rare few loyal one club man legends…. It would mean so much more for him to win with us.. Hugos been extremely loyal too, he admitted he mainly signed because of bale and levy. Bale was gone within a few weeks of him arriving. Finding class strikers and goalies have to be the toughest they are always in high demand.

      • Andy says:

        Shearer did have his moment with Blackburn.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          Aye he did mate.. Which is a pointer to shearer being a good example. He had already won the prem. He was englands best, pure record breaker like kane. Chose his boyhood club and then stuck with them, pretty sure united and sir alex aggressively tried to get him in multiple windows. He knew what winning was all about, and he knew that winning with his boyhood club would mean all the more to himself and the toon faithful.. Shame how it all ended for him though 🤣