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Antonio Conte was spotted having a heated argument with Tottenham star during Man UTD game

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte and midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur were spotted having a heated argument during their 2-0 defeat to Manchester United last night.

Spurs went to Old Trafford having only lost one game this season and were expected to beat Manchester United, but Erik Ten Hag’s team dominated the game from start to finish, winning it comfortably.

Conte’s team were once again very uninspiring. They were extremely sloppy in their game giving away the ball constantly which allowed Manchester United to be a constant threat to them.

And at one moment when Bentancur gave the ball away, the Italian lost his cool and had a real go at the midfielder. The Uruguyan however was seen dishing it back to Conte before the game resumed. Journalist Jonathan Veal who was reporting the game tweeted:

‘Bentancur and Conte having a slanging match on the sidelines after the Uruguayan gave the ball away again.’

According to one twitter account, Conte was caught on the sidelines yelling, ‘Pass the ball, pass the ball, di…head!’in Italian.

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1 year ago

Well said Archi.

Archibald&Crooks (SC)
Archibald&Crooks (SC)
1 year ago
Reply to  Limerick AL.

Not by most Al.
Elsewhere I posted (FB) I expected a narrow loss but not the drubbing we actually received. 2-0 was a travesty and although I can trot out my oft used “lucky to get 0”
it does Manure a disservice.
Like at the Library it is not the defeats that hurt it is more the pitiful performances.
£17m pa “you’re ‘avin a larf”

Limerick AL.
Limerick AL.
1 year ago

Were expected to win ? Maybe by Morons.

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