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Antonio Conte applauds the recent scoring form of Harry Kane

By Eddie Razo -

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane lifted the north London club past Brighton & Hove Albion in the fourth round of the FA Cup. The 28-year-old scored early in the match and then struck again for his brace.

Following the 3-1 victory over The Seagulls, manager Antonio Conte stated that Kane’s commitment is starting to be rewarded with goals. The Italian tactician adds that the Spurs striker deserves these goals are coming because of the work ethic he’s providing. 

“Harry, in the past, in the games that he didn’t score, I liked his performance,” Conte said, per the Daily Mail. “Harry is a player who’s scored a lot in the past as a number nine. But what we can appreciate – me and the whole team – is his attitude and commitment for the whole team.”

“I think this is the most important thing for us. Then, for sure, to score two goals is important because he’s number nine; he’s used to scoring goals. We are working on the physical condition with the team. We’re trying to improve the intensity, also during the training sessions. I think all these situations can improve the performance with all the players.”

With the January window now behind the Premier League side, Conte has his squad for the next few months to try and compete for a top-four spot and the FA Cup. 

If Kane and the rest of the squad, including the new arrivals, can get going, perhaps with Conte at the helm, Spurs can beat out teams like Manchester United, West Ham United, and Arsenal for that final Champions League spot. 

Coming in midseason, it would be a significant accomplishment by Conte to clinch a place in Europe’s top competition. 

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11 months ago

I think it’s a tad optimistic to say 4th is ours to lose! Hope you are right.

11 months ago

The last sentence is apt Archy. If anyone can lose stuff, we’re top of the pops. Let’s hope this season is the exception to the rule.

Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
11 months ago

I can’t remember the last time I was so happy with a manager. I wasn’t a fan of Poch at first (thought he was another Levy easy punt) happy to appoint Jose but not excited as for Nuno I cant recall 1 Spurs fan wanting him,
This bloke is like prime Mourinho on ‘roids.
4th is ours to lose now.

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