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Another Premier League Football Broadcaster And Another Subscription Looming On The Horizon

By The Boy -

I feel like I’m having a recurring dream, but in fact, it’s not a dream it’s a reality. Every day something else crops up that needs to be added to a list of really quite awful things that football fans blithely accepted without so much as a peep – and yet someone wanted to introduce a new football where we could watch golden ticket games every week, and all hell breaks loose.

They demolished the existing stadium. They introduced a ticket reseller platform, and they refused to back managers who were desperate for the right players, and they even sold broadcasting rights to a streaming service that didn’t broadcast games in real-time. The list is genuinely endless!

Well, today’s breaking bad news is that there’s another broadcaster on the horizon, so brace yourselves for the arrival of DAZN in the UK.

“Sports, like every other visual entertainment content type, is going to be an over-the-top service. That’s just where everything is headed,” DAZN’s Kevin Mayer said to CNBC. Traditional pay-TV is declining, both here and in Europe. In most markets in Europe, it never really had the foothold that it had here.”

The specific targeting of the UK appears inevitable. Kevin Meyer added just which sports his company will have in their sights.

“So in the UK, the English Premier League and maybe some cricket and maybe some rugby. In Germany, it’s Bundesliga, which is their equivalent of the EPL. In Japan, it’s baseball. So you have to get those local rights in those countries. And that’s how you can make a real service take hold.”

DAZN will be a name familiar to fight fans given its sway in the boxing world. DAZN launched in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan in August 2016, and in Canada in 2017.

The bottom line is another subscription. Will that have fans out on the streets screaming? Of course not.

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3 years ago

Bills to pay

3 years ago

amazed the sky and bt deals have lasted in there form. Budget airlines even get you to pay for what you want from a seat on the plane to even how you queue, football You pay for WBA v Newcastle for example where if I’m honest I couldn’t even be bothered if it’d nothing to do.

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
3 years ago

And they will pay. Just like they paid the deplorable Amazon.

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