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Anonymous Premier League Source: Coronavirus Will Go On For Months, Not Weeks
By Harry Hotspur -

Interesting stuff from Sky Sports here, with what – at first glance – looks rather like a leak designed to cushion what will be a catastrophic blow for English football.

The suspension of football announced in the last few days was never seeking to pass itself off as a solution to the crisis. It was a holding measure designed to give the governing bodies and clubs an opportunity to investigate the situation fully, take guidance and then construct a strategy.

As far as the business of how the 2019/19 season is to be concluded, the matter is too complex from a legal standpoint alone, to be settled cleanly, and to the satisfaction of all concerned. A few ‘solutions’ have been mooted online and as yet, none of them stand up to much scrutiny.

For Tottenham, this is a curious situation for ENIC, as however long the enforced break turns out to last, it will only benefit the playing squad, and only damage the business.

The irony of it all won’t be lost on many Spurs fans – that the only time the football side of the Good Ship Spursy can catch a break under these owners, is when the league is shut down.

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32 responses to “Anonymous Premier League Source: Coronavirus Will Go On For Months, Not Weeks”

  1. A miraculous ‘cure’ is on the way – their bottom lines demand it!

    • East Stand says:

      The approach needs to be 100% protecting the vulnerable . Follow all of the protocols in that regard but trying to contain this between the majority of the population that aren’t vulnerable seems counter productive.

      If you don’t have contact with any vulnerable people in your job or family then it’s probably best that you get it, self isolate and get it over with. Then you’re no longer a carrier ever again and If you do this on mass and correctly the virus will shrink dramatically.

      People living in isolation for a year until a vaccine is developed may not be sustainable or even effective…

      • LOL It’s a hoax – 100% b*****ks.

        • East Stand says:

          I can’t see how it’s going to work. Give it about three weeks and all the advice will change.

          The media are scaremongering and the governments are just covering their backsides. The most effective way to get rid of it is to get it and keep away from the vulnerable for a week. For about 75% of the population.

          • In the meantime nearly 2,000 will die on our roads and 142,000 plus this year will die of cancer, plus, of course, all those thousands with heart attacks.

            • East Stand says:

              When you put it like that it does all seem a bit weird.

              I guess they’ll argue that that’s with trying to keep the roads as safe as possible and treat for other illnesses as best as possible, if they didn’t then those figures would be even worse.

    • Andy says:

      Levy probably has shares in the pharma company which will provide the vaccine. He doesn’t know how to lose money.

  2. Tangangry says:

    New infections slowing down in Asia, but April 3rd never gonna happen. Bump the Euros to 2021, smash out the last 9 games June/July, start the new season in September, cut the pointless league cup to save a few games, back on track.


  3. Limerick AL. says:

    Football. What is it good for ?