Date: 24th April 2017 at 9:48am
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Chelsea gaffer said: “We have to try to exploit the momentum. Because for sure, this win is really important, against a team that are fighting with you for the title. Yes, we must exploit this. For this reason, it’s now important to be focused.

We must know that Tottenham want to fight until the end.”

Momentum is certainly with Chelsea now it would take a really brave lunatic to suggest that anyone else is going going to win the league.

Where does that leave Spurs?

Poch said: “I cannot change the past. The past is the past. We need to build today, the present, for a better future. Two years ago it was difficult to think we could arrive at a level at which we play finals, or fight for the Premier League. Now it’s a reality.

“We will move on. We are only a little bit disappointed. Sometimes you play well but you don’t win. It’s true that we lost. But this is the way that we want to play. It sets a basis for the future, and we will try again next season.”

We are only a little bit disappointed. Like Hiroshima was only a little bit damaged after the Enola Gay flew over Japan.

Trying again next season will only mean something if there are is radical change in the club’s transfer activity.

It’s not complicated. Stop buying potatoes and hoping you can turn them into diamonds. Levy’s proven endlessly that he mustn’t be allowed within a million miles of buying players.

Can Poch buy?

I say give him a go.

Levy can stick to sniffing lifts and toadying up to the likes of Bruce Buck.