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Allegations Of Cocaine, Booze & Management Chaos Behind Stadium Fiasco

By The Boy -

An extensive expose has been published, and its one that leaves the reputation of all concerned in tatters. 

Construction News (£) are a reputable outlet and it will be fascinating to see precisely how ENIC respond to the devastating allegations.

The quotes from unnamed sources leave little to the imagination.




Even the management of the site appears to have been haphazard, with descriptions that strongly suggest the stadium build has been somewhat of a free-for-all with insufficient planning.





There seem to be many examples of the right hand not knowing what the left was doing.





Subcontractor Imtech took their right of reply and said: “We reject allegations of poor workmanship or lack of attention to the health and safety of our employees. Throughout this project, the health and safety of our employees, contractors and supply chain and the minimising of risks has been our principal concern, as our performance against our rigorous health and safety measures indicates.”

Mace also issued a statement of which this is part: “The health, safety and wellbeing of everybody is, and has always been, a core value at Mace and any suggestion that our rigorous standards around best practice or drugs and alcohol had been broken would be taken extremely seriously.

“We carry out regular random drugs and alcohol testing to ensure that our rules are enforced throughout our supply chain. Any concerns about specific health and safety risks should be flagged to the management team on site.”

Whatever is said by any of the parties concerned, the bottom line is that the damn thing wasn’t open on time and THFC are no nearer to being able to provide even an educated guess as to when this complete and utter mess will be corrected.

If anyone reading this in a position to buy Spurs from ENIC with a view to running us primarily as a football club, please make yourselves known and so rid us of these desperate charlatans.



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