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All eyes are on Postecoglu’s summer signings

By The Boy -

This 2023/24 Premier League season is officially in its downhill stages. We’ve had a taste of Ange-Ball to start us off, which was no small relief after all the continuous appointment of coaches by ENIC that were fundamentally at odds with the way the club owners operate, and it was finally great to get a manager who wasn’t looking for expensive names to support their ideology. Tottenham Hotspur trades in a hugely profitable and sustainable fashion, but simply would never offer the kind of role that most serial winners would be content working within. That’s the truth of the situation, and all the moaning and bleating in the world about the character of the last three incumbents is wholly irrelevant, and despite Postecoglou having been third, perhaps even fourth choice, it does at least feel as if Spurs have finally got the right man at long last.

Fans have been crying out for stability, and for a project that was worth making an emotional investment in. It is all very well waffling on about projects, but like getting on an Underground train, having a specific destination in mind is a big help. We know from his previous managerial roles, Ange Postecoglou has his eye on a tangible prize and will look to continue to win wherever he goes. Supporters enjoy success and will look to services such as judi online to get the best advantage when deciding where to bet on their team.

The English top flight really is like no other, and the man still adored by Celtic fans will have his work cut out seeking to replicate the success he has enjoyed in less competitive divisions. Initially, we looked like a side transformed, and this, despite the sale of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich – few teams would have been able to survive the loss of such an influential figure and insanely good footballer.

Then, an injury crisis gripped the squad, just as the influence of Angelos was beginning to make its mark. The month of November was frankly torrid, and the following three months were improved, but only just. Signings in January aided the cause, of course, they did, but ENIC’s hierarchy is no novice to the demands of their task and saw under Mauricio Pochettino the result of alienating a coach with bad choices in the transfer market.

Timo Werner is of tremendous value at a reported €15 million, should Spurs decide to commit to a purchase after the loan deal, but is this how a truly big club operates? It’s not all about money, for sure, but better players are what defines winning sides.

All eyes are on what Postecoglu gets in the summer.


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