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Alasdair Gold reveals details of what Daniel Levy has planned for the club

By Mehdi Gokal -

Bosse Andersson, the sporting director of Djurgarden IF, was treated to a VIP experience at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during the club’s recent fixture against Crystal Palace.

Invited as a guest by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, Andersson enjoyed the game from the chairman’s suite and was seen mingling with Levy and club captain Son Heung-min.

Reports suggest that Andersson’s visit was part of discussions between the two clubs regarding a potential formal partnership. Alasdair Gold, a correspondent for the club, revealed on the ‘Gold & Guest Talk Tottenham’ podcast that Levy sees significant potential in the deal, particularly with the recent signing of Lucas Bergvall from Djurgardens during the winter transfer window.

Gold details that the proposed partnership could involve an exchange of ideas and players between the two clubs, with opportunities for young talent to develop in both directions.

He further adds that Spurs players could potentially be loaned out to Djurgardens, leveraging the Swedish league’s summer schedule to provide valuable playing time.

He said:

“I mentioned about the special guest [against Crystal Palace], it was the sporting director at Djurgarden, Bosse Andersson.

“He was there as Daniel Levy’s special guest with a few other people, I think from Djurgarden in the chairman’s suite.

“They’re trying to put together a more formal partnership, Spurs and Djurgarden moving forward, where I guess an exchange of ideas, potentially young players going in both directions.

“It’ll be quite interesting as well because obviously the Swedish league, they play during the summer and things like that, you can kind of send a player there.

“I remember Alfie Whiteman went there, the Swedish league, and he kind of played from, I think it’s April the actual league season.”

Following the meeting, Andersson expressed openness to the idea of loaning academy players from Tottenham to Djurgardens, citing the success of former Spurs player Teddy Sheringham during his time at the Swedish club.

This partnership could prove mutually beneficial for both sides, fostering talent development and strengthening ties between Tottenham and Djurgarden IF.

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