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Ajax Pitch-side Cam You Probably Haven’t Seen …The Russian One|video
By Harry Hotspur -

It does what it says on the tin. This a pitch-side cam of THAT night in Amsterdam, courtesy of some Russians.

Our man Joe Fish makes a solid case here against those soulless heathens such as myself who regard getting dewy-eyed over a game that we won, in a competition we ultimately lost, as nuts.

Does this make me a bad loser? No, it makes me a terrible, unforgiving nasty piece of work loser. Had we won the Champions League, I’d have probably commissioned a Pochettino statue for my front lawn.

As it was, Poch decided to handicap Spurs by dropping Lucas Moura and playing the out of sorts Harry Kane. A decision that remains to be credibly explained by anyone. Surreal stuff.

Anyway, this video is a fresh feast for the eyes – enjoy!

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One response to “Ajax Pitch-side Cam You Probably Haven’t Seen …The Russian One|video”

  1. CowSpurs says:

    Great video. You can’t take away the emotions of that night, nor the evening of the City game. Brilliant scenes and memories. We should be experiencing those emotions in important games at home and in Europe every season. We definitely paid our dues since the early 90s. That’s the killer for me. We fought so hard without the financial resources to get there, always watching the super rich buy their way to the top and we were amongst the best of the best. The thought of not being there is hard to take.