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Agent for Antonio Conte sheds light on the manager’s future at Tottenham

By Eddie Razo -

There’s plenty of speculation regarding the future of Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte, especially if the north London club doesn’t finish in the top four this season. 

Recent reports link the Italian tactician to Paris Saint-Germain; others suggest his future will be discussed when the season is over. Nonetheless, Federico Pastorello, Conte’s agent, spoke with La Repubblica (via Paris Fans) on whether his client will remain in north London past 2021-22. 

Pastorello didn’t state that Conte is flat out staying; however, did say that he thinks there’s a high chance that his client remains, but leaving a window open should the 52-year-old decide that Tottenham isn’t willing to invest financially. 

“Antonio Conte is obsessed with winning; that’s why he is one of the most earning coaches. He is able to change a team. Of course, that’s not enough to win the Premier League title,” Pastorello said. 

“Sometimes, he is seen as a difficult coach. But if I was a sports director, I would want a coach who wins, not a coach who lets me live in peace. He is happy with the team; I think he has a 60-70% chance of staying at Tottenham.”

Tottenham has two fixtures left in their Premier League season and sits one point behind Arsenal for a top-four finish. For Conte, it’s simple, they win both their matches and have their north London rival drop points against either Newcastle United or Everton, and they play UEFA Champions League football next season.

Should they play in Europe’s top competition next season then it’s highly like he remains as manager. 

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Glory Costs Too Much
Glory Costs Too Much
10 months ago
Reply to  East Stand

Trouble is “the future” is now here and Levy still wants to “rebuild for the future”. That one doesn’t wash any more, though some gullible fans will keep falling for it.
Truth is Levy doesn’t care about success, rather buying players cheap and selling them on for a profit. That’s his sole raison d’etre.

Archibald&Crooks (SC)
Archibald&Crooks (SC)
10 months ago

Now look shipmates nobody cringes more at the Enic stewardship than me (or their back slapping happy clappers) but I firmly believe we will have a very good Summer.
I read we have the maximum spend available on paper of up to £400m and of course I dont expect half that but for me the Nuno experiment was a real wake up call to the owners the club was imploding and along comes Tony and now we are a fighting force again.
Happy Days even if we dont get 4th.

East Stand
East Stand
10 months ago

Conte isn’t interested in ‘building for the future’ (which is an utterly meaningless term anyway), or ‘projects’. I hope Conte is satisfied with the business we do but I seriously doubt he will be. Levy is still committed to the “We do things differently at Spurs’ mantra. That “differently” has never at any point before involved backing a manager properly, any manager either good or bad.

So as you say, leopards do not change their spots and Levy’s only focus is the restructured Champions League format, or the introduction of a Super League. It’s all just showbiz for him…

Glory Costs Too Much
Glory Costs Too Much
10 months ago

So Levy is going to change character and financially support Conte where he wasn’t prepared to support a top 4 getting manager in Poch or his dream manager in Mourinho? I’ll believe it when it happens.
More likely will be curved ball signings we’re not expecting rather than big names we want and trust. Players that you have to google or youngsters who are allegedly the next Messi. I expect we will go for a few big names just for effect, but Levy will take so long attempting to save a few quid in financing these deals that the usual suspects will come in and pinch them from under our noses, or Levy will procrastinate and perambulate over the fees until deadline day, and then we’ll get told “it couldn’t get done in time”.
I’m afraid after 22 years of largely wasted transfer windows and failure it’s going to take a lot to convince me that the bald leopard is about to suddenly change his spots. I hope I’m wrong.

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