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Advanced Talks: The Times Say Daniel Levy Is In Madrid Today
By Harry Hotspur -

No less than four Times journalists (Matt Lawton, Paul Hirst, Paul Joyce, and Gary Jacob) have composed a breaking report that strongly suggests that a last ditch attempt to return Gareth Bale to Tottenham Hotspur is underway.

The London paper opts for the word “breakthrough” when unless a deal is done, could be seen as somewhat of an overstatement. Perhaps a “gateway” to an agreement might be more accurate.

Semantics to one side, this is potentially exciting news. Beyond exciting. Bale will have his detractors, but I take a view that all the negatives one might associate with the Welshman returning to Spurs are only robust in the context of an ideal world.

If this were being reported anywhere else, I would hesitate to aggregate the tale, but a source close to the club recently told the Harry Hotspur blog that talks were in existence.

Also, I wouldn’t put anything past Daniel Levy, a man who realized the Mauricio Pochettino project had failed, and so secured the services of proven footballing genius, José Mourinho.

As per this rundown of the club’s finances, the football side of the business can no longer be left to chance, in the guise of “building”.

Is Daniel Levy really in Madrid trying to hammer out a Bale transfer? I would not put it past him.

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