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“Absolutely Phenomenal” – Mourinho Agrees With These Fans’ On One Man’s Performance Vs. Norwich
By Joe Fish -

Jose Mourinho described Tanguy Ndombele’s performance in this evening’s 2-2 draw with Norwich City as “absolutely phenomenal”.

The France intetnational made his first Premier League start for the Special One as the deepest lying midfielder at Carrow Road, and had a cracking 90 minutes despite recent concerns raised over his fitness.

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There were some fears among Spurs fans that Mourinho’s recent comments, via BBC Sport, on Ndombele were setting him up for a fall, but it seems, from this interview with Sky Sports, that the Portuguese does appreciate his talents after all.

Mourinho’s praise comes just after the two-minute mark, but the whole interview is worth a listen.

These supporters on Twitter were also impressed by Ndombele’s display…

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32 responses to ““Absolutely Phenomenal” – Mourinho Agrees With These Fans’ On One Man’s Performance Vs. Norwich”

  1. East Stand says:

    We were struggling to beat top 6 opponents when Jose first arrived, now we’re struggling against dross too….

  2. ronan1882 says:

    Another game where inferior opponents showed more intensity and desire and that was all it took. Ndom played well for one half but he is being paid 200k a week to deliver that for 90 mins of every game. Aurier just needs to go next month. No other PL team accommodates a comedy figure who sabotages the team so often. Verto has not got the legs to play left back and is now as vulnerable to being caught in possession as Juan Foyth. Sessegnon I’m afraid looks like a waste of all those years and years of talk. Not one attempt to go past a bottom club full back and deliver a cross. Timid as a mouse compared to Bale when he arrived at 17.
    The coach said earlier this month that having these players was the best Christmas gift he could wish for. But they do not look like a side driven to finish top 4. Mourinho is getting paid over a million pounds a month to get them performing. At present that is looking like one more deal where levy has mugged off himself and the club.

    • MrChickenHead says:

      Yes,Yes,Yes. All of that, but we don’t need any new players.
      Poch didn’t either, look at how that worked out for the team.
      Poch’s way, be paid to train hard and fight for a place in the 1st team.
      Nee dank u, tot ziens
      Old worn out has been’s, weren’t up for the training regime got him sacked.
      Levy’s fault again for not bringing in some of the endless list of young bloods, who WERE out there.

  3. PlayItAgainSamways says:

    I had to refrain from saying anything I was in such a sulk but what Im reading this morning, b’jesus.

    Ndombele was the only ‘positive’ and thats scratching for something.

    Poch, Jose doesnt matter does it, we are still a mid table team that has overachieved for a few seasons.

    Even if Bale comes back we are not solid enough to win important games. The solidity of 2017 has evaporated.

    Aurier should f off and go do his act somewhere else. I want a defender who is awake.

    What ever Roy Keanes opinion on that game last night was he is right.

  4. James McKevitt says:

    Best signing we could make wouldn’t be a player, it would be Lille’s director of football, a brilliant talent spotter. Take Aurier, he hasn’t suddenly become a bad player this season, unable to defend, unable to cross a ball. All these attributes must have been on show in France, so who was the genius who signed him. It wasn’t Poch, he told us he had nothing to do with contracts, he was just the coach.

  5. James McKevitt says:

    Keep Troy well away from this lot, his career could be destroyed before it’s even begun. This team would make Messi look like rubbish. Don’t want him picking up bad habits from the slackers, neer do wells and wantaway geniuses.

  6. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    Tongee offers the unexpected, and at pace. He’ll be a bit special next season once properly settled in and trained for the Prem, I reckon.

  7. David Dillenberg says:

    Rumoured links to the fellow Gerson keeps popping up. Not sure what he will add to the Spurs team other than yet acquiring another holding midfielder when in fact what we urgently need is a creative midfielder but there it is!!

  8. Dan says:

    I just watched the second half again and I have to completely disagree with you Dilly ,Ndombele was great . Dynamic, great passing , dribbles , springing the attack from deep with key modric like passes. He’s going to be a beast

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Ok perhaps on reflection I was a tad harsh when in the season of goodwill I am prepared to reserve judgement until the end of the season.

  9. David Dillenberg says:

    No surprise for Spammers sacking manager Manuel Pellegrini after a 2-1 home defeat by Leicester City – their ninth loss in the past 12 games.

  10. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Well done eriksen. Contract rebel, holding the club to ransom.. Plays like a hero against bottom of the table norwich, shame he cant play like that in finals, crunch games and top opposition.. Funny the transfer window opens this week… Just fcuk off

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      How is ndombele fat? 😆 the guys lean… rebel wilson is fat

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Not one of his favourite admirers but like him or loathe him he will be missed when he is gone as we are lost without him.

  11. David Dillenberg says:

    A blessing in disguise that I don’t possess a season ticket, call this entertaining football you must be joking, bring back Arry a I was much happier when we were playing sexy swagger football under Redshapps and purred at yep we found one a creative midfielder in Modric strutting his stuff!

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      Loved redknapps team.. The likes of bale modders van der vaart defoe crouchy we had balance and a good variety.. Freeflowing attacking football.. We only see this in spurts now and generally when we are losing.. If only redschnapps was backed, if only poch was backed, history tends to repeat itself im not expecting maureen to be backed either.

      • David Dillenberg says:

        True so why not blood the likes of Troy Parrott whom I suspect will at least play with passion and desire.

  12. JimmyGrievance says:

    Eriksen MOTM …. The worlds gone mad I tell ya….

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Surely not for his corner taking me thinks?!
      Let down by his woeful abysmal crossing surely Aurier was in the running for MOTM for his funniest comical own goal to date!!!

      I am surprised Jose did not take off Ryan S and bring Lamela on at HT.

  13. David Dillenberg says:

    Shipping goals as we will do against the Saints watching the first half was torture.
    Huffing and puffing we dominated the second half but failed to beat bottom of the table Norwich says a lot about the current regressive state of the side in desperate need of a major overhaul.

    Le Celso forget – not good enough
    Ndobole forget – not good enough
    Please please please please sell Aurier
    Moura does a lot of running around but also sell.

    Not sure what we have done to Ryan Sessegnon but he is a shadow of the player he was for Fulham.

    Playing at his own pace when I watch Eriksen motor through the gears does he have any gears???!!!!

    Give Troy Parrott a chance.

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Perhaps I am a dissenting voice but great is not a word I associate with Ndombele!!!

      • Dan says:

        He starts games slow but other than that what don’t you like about him Dilly?

        • David Dillenberg says:

          Bar Eriksen, failing to make any defence splitting passes for starters. Ok he is industrious but so is Winks, so is Dier, so is Wanyama, so is Sissoko – In short for what we paid for him no where near good enough to take this side to the next level, should we ever reach the next level. What this side requires is major surgery.

          • David Dillenberg says:

            and to make matters we are linked to Flamengo’s GERSON who is another Paulinhio in disguise. Spare me yet another potential misfit please.

            • David Dillenberg says:

              and to make matters worse…

              • Andy says:

                Back the manager, Dilly. The only way we would be interested in Gerson would be with JM’s impramatur. Do agree with you though, I don’t want him. What concerns me against Norwich was the team selection ie too many who hadn’t played together and it showed early on. No point in blaming the players if they can’t gel. A settled side will help and more minutes for Sess, Lamela and Lo Celso etc are needed for JM to know his best team.

          • Dan says:

            I just watched the second half again and I have to completely disagree with you Dilly ,Ndombele was great . Dynamic, great passing , dribbles , springing the attack from deep with key modric like passes .