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A Rather Large Cockerel & Someone’s Lunch [Latest Images]

By The Boy -

Son’s nutmeg pass vs chile from r/coys

That’ll be too big to fit in the Asda rotisserie. 




The stadium may have a massive question mark hovering over its head as to where the doors will eventually open, but soon to be looking down over everyone is this behemoth.

This is a replica of the original, and so carries an authentic dent in the ball.

How big? One shouldn’t really ask, but that looks at least 6 meters tall to me.






Already hanging above the worker’s heads is this unexpected addition to the build.

I’m no expert, but that looks distinctly s if it may contain a some tupper-ware, a flask and perhaps a now out of date newspaper?






There are many places online where one can view the most up to date images of the build; that’s a kind of pornography that I’m not into.

What is of note however, when looking at the current state of play, this stadium was NEVER going to be ready for the test events, let alone the scheduled opening.

This is another Levy bungle whereby nothing is said until a statement is virtually forced out of him by gunpoint and so THFC yet again fail to own the story.


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