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‘…a possibility, but not a guarantee’ Romano lifts lid on Harry Kane buy-back deal

By Saikat -

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has recently revealed that the London outfit have a buyback clause included in Harry Kane’s Bayern Munich contract.

The 30-year-old England international joined the German club earlier this summer and it remains to be seen whether Spurs decide to bring him back to the club in the near future.

Kane is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world and he is one of Tottenham’s greatest players.

Fabrizio Romano has now revealed in his daily briefing with Caught Offside that the release clause included in Harry Kane’s contract is not as straightforward.

He added that there is a gentlemen’s agreement between the two clubs that Bayern Munich will inform Tottenham if they wish to sell the striker.

He said: “Some people close to the negotiation have explained that it is not a traditional buy-back clause, so it’s not the kind of clause that is going to allow Tottenham to sign Harry Kane again whenever they want. It’s just a clause agreed in private, denied by some sources, but confirmed by others, which means Bayern have agreed to inform Tottenham in the future if they decide to sell Kane.

“If they have proposals or bids, specifically from Premier League clubs, Tottenham will receive a formal call from Bayern to be informed of the situation. Tottenham will then have the possibility to match any proposals, but nothing changes on the player side, because ultimately Kane will be the one who decides his future, not Spurs or any other club. It’s a kind of gentleman’s agreement between Bayern and Tottenham to give them the opportunity to match beds in the future, but, again, only if Bayern decide to sell the player.

“So, to repeat, there is a possibility, but not a guarantee for Tottenham to bring their former star player back in the future, as the final decision will be with Kane.”

It seems that Tottenham have a first-refusal option on the player instead of a buyback clause.

The England international is already in his 30s and he is unlikely to get better with time. It is fair to assume that he is unlikely to leave Bayern Munich anytime soon and therefore signing him might not be an option for Tottenham in future.

The north London outfit need to move on from him and improve their squad in the coming seasons. They have a talented squad at their disposal and they will be hoping to challenge for trophies now.

Spurs have started the new season on a high and they will be hoping to get back into the Champions League.

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