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‘…a lot to answer in the next few weeks’ Former Spur openly attacks ENIC

By The Boy -

Ramon Vega is a serious pundit; whilst he’s a former player with Grasshoppers, Cagliari, Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic, Watford, and Créteil, and since retiring as a player, the 51-year-old has carved out a career in asset management and private equity. Vega’s social media account is consistently thoughtful and displays maturity. So this isn’t one of your common or garden Jamie O’Hara types of commentator.

As a former Spur, the Swiss is more than entitled to his view on the way the club is operated by investment company ENIC. The situation with Antonio Conte is unusual, as we already reflected in this earlier piece this morning. Quite why the future of the senior coach at a club the size of Tottenham, listed in Deloitte’s top ten financially successful sides in the world, is anyone’s guess.

Indeed, for a business, constantly brandishing its commercial partnerships, surely the most pivotal partnership in any football club is surely that between the club and its first team coach. Or should we just let Chirpy manage the squad?

Vega clearly and quite rightly feels strongly about the manner in which Spurs is being run, and it would take someone with a finer mind than mine to find fault in anything he has said to date. Big players aren’t getting in younger, and many have contracts in place that don’t appear to favour the club. Spurs need a permanent gaffer in post and one that feels he wants to commit. Right now, the ‘optics’ at THFC are not good. The ‘optics’ at THFC are not on par with a business plowing ahead off the field, but appearing confused on it.

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