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A Disheartened Fanbase & A Starting XI That Could Do With A Nice Spa Weekend

By The Boy -

The player influence chart gives us a guide as to what killed the patient.


For the uninitiated, what we are looking at here are the areas that required attention in the last transfer window.

Vertonghen and Alderwiereld were yet again lynchpins, but beyond that, we were not too far away from conceding 3 or 4 goals this afternoon.

Rose’s name is nice and bold there, but he was busy – opposed to productive.

Point Of Information: If I have to witness another of his ‘Look at me, I’m a martyr’ throw-ins again, I may pee my pants in an incredulous fit of rage. 


Winks, Mousa, Dier, Moura, Kane.

All utterly forgettable.

The commentator on Sky referred two Moura as our ‘talisman’, early on.

I very nearly blew bubbles into my Châteauneuf-du-Pape Les Bartavelles.

One swallow (or a brace at Old Trafford) doth not a summer make.





This was compounded by the inability to pass the damn thing to each other with even a modicum of success.

I’ve yet to poke about in our match stats, but my gut feel is that they were awful.

What truly grated was, that Liverpool didn’t even shift through the gears, yet still they had us clutching at straws.

Spurs are suppose to be a side doing things ‘a different way’.

All I see is a disheartened fanbase and a staring XI that could benefit from a spa weekend.

No wonder our usually great support was so reluctant.



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