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A Cash Grab Machine With An Awkward Looking Loser In It. Forever.
By Harry Hotspur -

A shambolic draw against yet another mediocre shower of journeymen, who we managed to make look like the 1978 world cup winners, Argentina. I’m sick to death of watching Pochettino football, and yet it feels only recently that the Spurs bit if the Internet was infested with know-it-alls demanding that I and others, ‘enjoy the ride!‘.

I did my bit, I de-platformed the Levyologist freaks on here, and kept an unerringly straight bat on the avaricious lunacy of ENIC.

The irony of course, is that I was portrayed as a monster, yet if one looks about these days, it’s tough to find anyone that isn’t saying precisely what I have been saying for several years.

There’s no pleasure in this, rather a sense of exhaustion one might get after endlessly telling a child to wash their hands after using the bathroom, then discovering they’ve contracted some awful adenovirus.

One does not build a lavish Formula 1 garage, then start wondering how one can find something genuinely worth parking in it. That’s utterly stupid.

But then Levy is the vanity publisher of all time. The Daniel Levy suite at the Shopping Center is actually a thing. It was a neat extension of the scorched earth policy applied to our heritage.

Never have we had a preseason worth a damn, because the club are too busy drumming up business in ‘lucrative overseas markets’; players have been mostly not bought at all, or bought against the manager’s will, or more recently, bought with interminable illnesses.

The toxicity at Spurs has reached a highpoint, which by Levy’s standards is no mean feat. Mauricio looks like he needs counselling and our first team squad could benefit from never setting sight on each other, ever again.

Tottenham have been rubbish on numerous occasions, well before we arrived here – but this is distinctly different – because this squad is jammed with players who used to be good for us.


The future is not bright. It’s as if after over a decade of prodigious management, Levy lost his mind.

One dark, stormy night, a stark realization washed over him. That on his watch Tottenham would ever be a conventional silverware winning side.

But there was a way out, a way of still making millions. “I’ll knock this down, and build and NFL stadium in the middle of a shopping centre!”

There is no cavalry coming. We cannot be sold. The business is leveraged to a point whereby only foetus could buy THFC and ever hope to get a return in their lifetime.

This is the ‘Leeds’ you warned us about.

Spurs play some Triple Letter Word Score outfit in the Champions League on Tuesday, followed on the Sunday by a merry jaunt up to Merseyside to get stuffed like a supermarket economy chicken by Herr Klopp, ze German butcher.

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28 responses to “A Cash Grab Machine With An Awkward Looking Loser In It. Forever.”

  1. East Stand says:

    I thought when Winks was replaced by Tanguy it altered the dynamic of our midfield and we started to find more space. The sooner we get Tanguy and Gio playing regularly the better.

    The Winks/Sissoko combo offers very little at the moment. Winks cannot play as a deep playmaker at this level at the moment, perhaps since the injury or a general lack of confidence but he’s not coping with our current malaise very well at all. I think the Bayern game almost destroyed his belief, he needs to recover his mojo.

    The problem is we lack a ball player in there without Eriksen or Winks. Dier, (or Wanyama, if we must go there) won’t link well with Sissy or Tanguy in a two. Dunno what Lo Celso has in his locker but at least he would freshen tings up a bit.

    The midfield has been our problem for two years now with Eriksen papering over the creative cracks with up and downers doing a job behind him. At least Tanguy and Lo Celso offer the chance to freshen it up and the sooner the better. See below the potential lineup later this season;

    ——-Dele ————-—Son
    —Lo Celso -Sissy—Tanguy

    Options of a recovered Winks, Dier and Sessingnon and IF we do something in January. Eriksen and Verts should be frozen out, maybe it’s just me but their presence now seems to suck the life force out of anyone with 6 feet of them. Their heads are up their arses and they seem unable to pull them out…

  2. Mark says:

    A Watford 11 v relegation fodder Spurs shows the complete embarrassment Spurs have become. Been like this for nearly a year now, only a few fluke but exciting results in the Champions League papering over the cracks. Only a great mid-season window will change anything, but with danny leverage looking at untried £10 mill players and offloading all he can for a profit, I don’t think Bill Nick could turn it around, not with enic in charge. Still, nice stadium and the NFL is a revelation. Maybe the Spice Girls can make a comeback with instruments rather than their football boots.

  3. Matt says:

    Of course it’s crazy instructions from Poch. The whole team is wired up to pass sideways or backwards if there isn’t an obvious easy forward pass on. Got a corner? Get it back to Lloris. Throw in by the opposition corner flag? Get it back to Vertonghen. Free kick in the opposition half? Sideways, backwards please.
    Will only get better when these players are… y’know…. allowed to play football

    • PlayItAgainSamways says:

      Dont have anyone who can, Eriksen carried that burden for 3 seasons or so but he’s being binned for a lightweight unproven Argy b

  4. East Stand says:

    Giving away early goals in the league now seems to be what we do. We did the same in the C.L Final, give the opposition a head start, let them sit in while we play in front of them.

    Against Palace we didn’t concede early which brought them out and we got in behind them. Unless this defensive problem is sorted it’s going to be a long old season…

  5. East Stand says:


  6. Lord Croker says:

    Can we buy Modric back? Now he could take players on.

  7. Daveyboi says:

    Winks was shockingly bad even by his bang
    average standards how on earth he has become a permanent name on the team sheet is beyond a joke.
    Just because your the only one from the academy to make it beyond a perrenial loan deal in the last 5 years doesn’t mean you are good enough for an aspiring Top 4 side.
    Him n Sissoko are woefully short on any form of creativity hence why we have nothing moving forward with any purpose or movement.
    Rocket science it aint

  8. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Its tom carroll in disguise.. Our acadamy/ youth scouts/coaches need to up their game.. I was pleased when sherwood/ferdinand scouting system left, mainly because they watched suerez and turned him down… But who the fuck is signing our young guns now? There really is no balance at our club.. The Boy here has been banging on his drum for so long, I was amazed at the amount of illogical levyologists coming on here to argue in the name of enic, praising levy as the messiah.. Slowly but surely they have ground to a halt and there is noone here now.. The silence on here shows its finally hitting home to everyone… And as for the ‘daniel levy suite’, I actually thought this was a joke… So there is no jimmy greaves suite, but a daniel levy one? 😫

    • East Stand says:

      Winks has shown that he’s a good little ball keeper and passer in the right set up. The trouble is now that because everyone has dropped off their performance levels he’s finding it much tougher. This has also now clearly affected his confidence so it’s a chicken and egg thing with him.

      The defence are playing like they’ve already left the club and the midfield is stale. Kane and co are as a result starved of service and it’s all a bit shit…

  9. TheKickOff says:

    Anyone watching the game would see that Winks always made himself available and regularly pushed the tempo of the ball up whereas Sissoko frequently turned backwards into Aurier and his general movement has become poor. Winks is a more defensive playermaker so if Poch is asking him to play in a more offensive position which is unnatural to his game then surely the blame lies with the manager. I used to adore Poch but his tactical naivety is becoming embarrassing. Watford had scored 4 goals before yesterday but plays (arguably) 7 defensive minded players. He needs to leave and fast to salvage some romanticism amongst the fans. There are plenty of experienced talented managers out there, may not be naturally popular choices but may be necessary. We cannot continue to be a “potential” or “almost” club.

    • PlayItAgainSamways says:

      What you say about Winks is spot on. Absolutely let down by Sissoko.

      • East Stand says:

        Let down by the defence too, he’s not receiving the ball in a calm situation now. It’s all too frantic and unsure and Verts and Toby that we’re so good at stepping up into midfield before and making it fluid.

        I think people are letting Toby and Verts off too lightly here, they have dropped off big time and in my opinion the main reason for this current malaise.

        Both out of contact in the summer along with Rose and Middlephart. Well done Levy, enjoy your fat salary as you clearly deserve it…

        • PlayItAgainSamways says:

          Serious questions need to be asked about why Toby an Jan are being asked to play so far up the pitch when they have both lost a yard of pace. They end up having too much of the ball in midfield because Sissoko cant link play. And then are open to break after break.

          There is no link between defence and midfield or between midfield and attack. We are that disjointed that there must be a butchers joke in there somewhere

  10. uriah says:

    i think winks is one of the very few bright sparks we have in the team…him and son. but i guess a whipping boy we must have. it may be true that he doesnt make many(any?) defence splitting passes,but then again nobody seems to be running into spaces so if hes left with option of playing ball forward to nobody/passing sideways / passing directly to member of the opposition ,which would you prefer?…i can see a pattern emerging here, find a scapegoat ..first it was trippier ,basically hounded out by the moronic section of social media following spurs so called supporters….recently the limelight has been on rose ,yet to me hes one of our best players…now lets start on winks. the spurs fans are famous for this..i prob go back further than you lot…i can recall the same kind of treatment handed out to tony marchi…alan mullery ..martin chivers to name but a few, of course no social media then..just boos and hisses every time they ran out or touched the ball. the sensible supporters (the majority) paid those idiot armchair footballers/managers /experts no heed then…and probabley dont today either. i can only say i and my generation had the best of it football wise ….spurs form aside the whole football “thingy” today is drab ,dreary and turgid….the passion ,excitement and ,dare i say it entertainment belongs to the lower divisions now….

  11. Eddie says:

    H what’s happening with the comments section?Some appear to be disappearing,others are transferring to previous blogs.It’s very confusing especially trying to follow threads.

  12. Lilywhite without the II says:

    “we don’t need new players”, “no one is better than we have”…keeps ringing in my mind and won’t go away….but a 400m OVER spend on an events arena..well, lets be aving ya…..

  13. Lilywhite without the II says:

    This isn’t Poch’s fault, but I cant see him getting out of it, he doesn’t seem to have it in him and he’s reverted to defending everything again…

  14. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Levy on his phone texting Amazon to delay filming…..On a serious note I would imagine when the chips are down the last thing you want is a film crew hanging around..I’d imagine its getting embarrassing for the players…

    • Mark says:

      No doubt the cameras will only be allowed in during NFL games.

      • Eddie says:

        If Amazon present an image of Spurs as an NFL team,Levy won’t give a toss.That’s where he sees our future.This is probably working towards an American owner takeover.

  15. DannyG says:

    I agree that Winks needs to find a few more through balls though.

  16. DannyG says:

    Dele was a lot better yesterday and deserved a goal. Some nice creative passes from him. I wouldn’t throw Winks under the bus. He’s a good player.

  17. PlayItAgainSamways says:

    Toby and Jan had so much of the ball, they were doing the job that a creative cm should do: hence why we are so dull.

    Absolutely no midfield. I dont blame Winks i think the blame lies totally with having Sissoko in there.

    Yeah he got better but he is fucking shit, i dont need no influence graph to tell me that. He just is not a footballer, cant pass and but can run around alot.

    Although I didnt rate Winks he has shown quality when he has someone capable in with him.

    Dele Ali should have been the link between the midfield and attack but he is too keen to stay forward. This is fine if he is playing just off Kane but that wasnt his role yesterday, he just went missing.

    Fuck we need 7 or 8 players, including a goalie.

    I was looking forward to our experienced team giving Chelsea a tonking this year but that looks like being fantasy: they seem to have a young hungry team. FFS.

  18. legoverlassreinvented says:

    “They are used to us winning games all the time “ The time being pre January 2019. These pressers get more delusional than ever. A club whose has continually had its heart and soul ripped out by a parasitical owner. That is what the supporters are used to.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      Poch blaming fans… Like McDonald’s blaming customers for saying their burgers are shit. Personally would love to see our next home game empty. However, we will draw Liverpool game and people will think we are back.