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Exclusive Heung Son-Min interview

By The Boy -

This Friday, Spurs will welcome Scottish Premiership side, Motherwell, to their Hotspur Way training complex for a behind-closed-doors friendly, kicking off at 1 pm.

Then on Wednesday, December 21, five days before the trip to Brentford, Tottenham are expected to host Ligue 1 side Nice in a friendly in front of the fans at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Heung Son-Min has been discussing the future with Korean outlet Daum.net…

Do you plan to focus on your recovery after returning to your team?

The Premier League is still on break. I think I will have to return to the team as soon as possible and play wearing a mask. I am a footballer with a body born to play football. I have to play wearing a mask. I will (try my best to) recover well so that I can take off my mask and come back to play.

Played against a teammate.

He’s a really good player, and he’s on a really good team – I hate him (***the word used here 밉다, translation notes at the bottom). If you play so well against our team and even score a goal, no matter how much you are a teammate, you will be an opponent for the 90 minutes. I can’t feel good (about it) but after the game is over, I hope that a player from our team (Tottenham) wins (the WC). Absolutely compete and make a winning scenario.

Can we see Son Heung-min playing in the next World Cup?

It has to come down to my ability/skills. I will do my best and be prepared. I’m going to do my best till the national team needs me. I have a lot of time in 4 years, so I think I need to think about it over that time.

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***Notes on 밉다: this word is translated as hate because there’s no better substitute in English but it’s much, much softer than ‘hate’. It’s a more ‘Mom I hate you’ energy, for close friends and family. Maybe ‘I’m annoyed by you’ is a better translation.


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