Date: 11th December 2018 at 12:17pm
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The Times are running with an interesting piece this morning, suggesting that our old friend Daniel Levy is now facing yet another consequence of his ineptitude. 

Tottenham had scheduled test events for successive Sundays on December 30 and January 6 but the first date is proving problematic because of a shortage of staff and police resources in the build-up to the new year. The London derby between Crystal Palace and Chelsea taking place that day is already stretching Metropolitan Police and it is understood that Tottenham have altered their plans.

The Times 

A source close to the club told the Harry Hotspur blog this morning that the chances of the events going ahead as planned are ‘at best 50/50’.

Additionally that there are still extensive internal works that need addressing. 

In what appears all too symptomatic of Levy’s overall approach, the club are now literally ‘making it up as they go along’ in respect of the final furlongs before the stadium is fit to open. 

The chaos behind the scenes has left the project at odds with the real world. 

Trying to shoehorn test events into a busy footballing period, some 4 months since they were supposed to take place has left the THFC now relying upon the kindness of strangers ion order to get the build over the finish line. 

Still without a naming rights deal, shirt sponsorships mortgaged for the next 20 years, and games at Wembley continuing to haemorrhage money, it’s difficult to image how Levy could have made a bigger mess of matters. 


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Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?



So my source at Spurs was right when he told me the Club intended to hold further test events on Sunday 30 December and Sunday 6 January. I believe the events will still go ahead. It’s not like when we have 3,000 rival away supporters to contend with that would need a high police presence. Besides that, we are talking about test events with a maximum 25,000/30,000 supporters which shouldn’t be difficult to police.

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?

Why do they keep arranging these clearly unmakable dates? Just stop ffs. Interesting the month of February is mentioned, of course if we go out tonight the ‘only place in London to watch CL football’ will be yet another hopeless fail and false advertiser……unless we pull off a miracle(when was the last miracle you saw at odds of 2/1??) ..then Levy buys himself until….FEBUARY to get the damn thing open and not be liable for legal action for more false statements. Uncle Joe could have spent the week on the phone with Barca promising 1st dibs on Kane and any tips on future collapsing currency’s to Inter. Haha. (No really)


“….it’s difficult to image how Levy could have made a bigger mess of matters. ”

He could have accidentally sold his shares in ENIC !