Date: 14th April 2019 at 5:57pm
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Daniel Levy the master negotiator – is of course – the master bungler.

Over £600million the red, players dropping like flies and just today some £1million pound no mark mooted as a replacement for Hugo ‘33 this year‘ Lloris.

The Harry Hotspur blog understands from sources close to the club that Levy’s even managed to disaffect many of his core punters, the 1882 mob. And paid for seats are increasingly being left empty.

Anyone who has either worked in or experienced public facing roles knows that in the 21st century, service and reputation are everything.

The modern premium customer doesn’t do second chances, however they do gripe like hell within their own network.

Empty seats in premium/corporate sections are already ‘a thing’.

The standing issue has been causing chaos and despite fans contacting the club, still the problem that ruins the coveted ‘match day experience’ for so many, persists.

The much vaunted 1882 elite punters are seething at dismally cheap way they’ve been treated.

This was described verbally to customers as being a legacy deal, an inscription in an actual brick, within an actual brick wall.

Reality? A rather nasty plastic/acrylic very temporary 4 x 6ft board with printed names by outside of the door entrance.

Reality? This isn’t an actual match programme as such. Rather it’s a code to enable one to download a digital version of the real deal.

Reality? Another voucher, so one can enjoy a singular bottle of beer – but you can only have that at… Half Time!

The complimentary snack offering has also magically deteriorated into a voucher for a…bap.

Where dreadful people flow like wine…

Mind you, on an upbeat note – you could rub shoulders with ENIC’s ideal modern fan.

Stop what you’re doing ENIC and back the damn manager.

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