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£11m+ deal on the table as agent meets Spurs chairman Daniel Levy on Tuesday
By Rob S -

Christian Eriksen’s proposed switch to Inter Milan has reportedly moved a step closer.

That is the latest from Sky Sports, who cite sources in Italy to tell us that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy will meet with Eriksen’s agent Martin Schoots on Tuesday.

Schoots was recently in Italy where Inter have apparently named their January price for Eriksen.

Sky claim that Inter are willing to pay an upfront fee of £11m plus two bonuses to land the 27-year-old this month – despite the fact he would be available for free in the summer.

Although £11m and stuff sounds on the face of it like Inter are getting a bargain, Spurs only spent £11.5m (as reported by BBC Sport) when they took Eriksen from Ajax in 2013.

This Wednesday Spurs host their last home game before the transfer window closes. It could be Eriksen’s big farewell and one hopes he is not subjected to widespread booing, like he was during Liverpool’s 1-0 win there earlier this month.

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8 responses to “£11m+ deal on the table as agent meets Spurs chairman Daniel Levy on Tuesday”

  1. Jonathan Asmerom says:

    Highly doubt the fee since there is a solid journo in Italy saying Inter offered 18 mill euro and Levy wants 20. He said this days ago.

  2. Lilywhite without the II says:

    There you go Daniel me-old-mucker, you got all your money back on him 👍… see, I knew you were good…

  3. JimmyGrievance says:

    Two years ago fantastic player…. fast forward absolute free loader. Disgrace to his profession

  4. Tappaspur says:

    Danish big dog on £60k a week. Not a good look on international duty. Wonder what hurts him the most. The nothing to show for his time here (cups) or the relatively rubbish money he made here. Anyway Christian you’ll regret what little effort you gave the fans at the end of your contract one day I’d imagine.

    • Marbella Spur says:

      I don’t blame him as he was underpaid for years. Son, Kane, Alli and Lloris received substantial pay rises whilst Eriksen was paid 70k per week and Levy valued him at the same level as Coutinho. Eriksen’s stats during the time he has been at Spurs compare more than favourably with any other playmaker in the PL. Any employer needs to remunerate their staff in line with their performance and value to the company. Levy did not do this.

      • East Stand says:

        I love the way Levy completely misread the whole Eriksen thing. Asking for stupid money for him for two years only to end up getting 11m in the end is hilarious really.

        Eriksen is very talented as we all know but it’s not just the last six months or so that he’s been patchy. He’s never convinced anyone that he can play at his top level consistently. Which is probably why nobody came in in the last 18 months and gave Levy what he expected.

        Yet another example of our chairman knowing nothing about football…

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Only eriksens assists were great stat wise… And thats because he was feeding kane… Without kane and those assists his stats are nowhere near the playmaker winners like hazard and de bruyne… Eriksens distribution isnt great compared to the elite. His passing can be shocking. He doesnt score enough. He can’t tackle. Poor at dead balls. Corners and penalties are horrendous. He runs alot to no avail… Some good points mate but levy would have tried repeatedly to renew his contract.. Either eriksen knew all along he was going no matter what and never intended to extend, or it is over the amount of money, or lack of ambition from the club….. The money rose dramatically in the game in a short time.. So any contract rebels in levys set up got left behind….. Kane dele and co have had constant contract bump ups because of their performances and their commitment to the club is rewarded. I suspect the great pain was never going to commit…. His loyalty to the club rightly rewarded then 😆 even 70k a week to play a game of football or 2 every week is far too much anyway. Famine and wars and natural disasters should get alot of that money. I reckon tin tin was always going.. Maureen being too respectful by playing him.