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The Players Who Leave Spurs Could Help The Club Move Forward

By The Boy -

Last summer at Spurs, everything seemed a bit all over the place, with a new manager required and then Harry Kane departing. But they head into this summer knowing what improvements are needed and where, and it’s the players who leave Spurs who could help the club move forward in that respect.

You’d imagine at this point that manager Ange Postecoglu knows ideally which players he wants to keep and which of the current group he’d be prepared to let leave. While at one stage, Premier League betting online saw Spurs as not only clear favourites heading into games but to finish in the top four, this has changed in recent weeks, and now the gauntlet has been laid out to improve significantly ahead of the 2024/25 campaign.

Postecoglu came into Spurs with a very specific idea of how he wants his team to play, regardless of opposition, which makes it even more imperative that he has the players who can do what he’s tasking them with to a high standard.

At times, things have gone well, really well, but when injuries have hit especially, they’ve been found wanting. And things have tailed off in recent games. Reinforcements are needed, and it’s likely the board will be ready to sanction several, especially after recruiting Radu Dragusin in January.

However, for a bigger rebuild to happen, one that you’d imagine can get the squad more towards how Postecoglu wants it to look, things could hinge on the players Spurs can move on this summer, and there’s already talk of several being available for transfer if the right offers are made. Players such as Emerson Royal, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Giovani Lo Celso and Bryan Gil have been in and out of the team at best and would likely have suitors in the Premier League or abroad.

Selling a handful of players, such as those mentioned above, would not only see Spurs rake in some cash that can then be reinvested in the playing squad this summer, giving Postecoglu a chance to recruit for his brand of football, dubbed Ange-Ball, but they’d also be saving a lot of money on wages, which could then be used to bring in expensive loans if some players are out of reach on full transfers. It’s arguably getting these deals out and then in over the line, which will be pivotal.

Daniel Levy is well known to drive a hard bargain where transfers are concerned, but he will also know Postecoglu’s wishes and the work he wants to do this summer in an attempt to take Spurs back into the top four on a regular basis, which is only going to benefit the club commercially and financially if it happens. It’s a scenario where everyone can win, and even the players who do leave this summer will benefit as they’ll be playing on a more regular basis.

An interesting transfer window certainly is ahead for anyone of a Spurs persuasion.

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