Date: 15th April 2019 at 7:08pm
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Over a dozen years onto this particular game and would you believe, there is a pattern emerging…

Yesterday I flagged up concerns from VIP punters at the shopping centre and some plant from the club clown had the audacity to post in here that everything was rosy in the Shopping Centre Garden.

Just for you, sweetheart – more of the same.

Even the free match day programme is apparently now just a code to download itBeen reading about it on social media, the 1882 pound for pound is probably the biggest rip off of them all. I noticed a lot of corporate hospitality seats remained unsold yesterday.


The package was sold as access to an exclusive bar, which is very underwhelming, and seems like more of an afterthought.

There’s a spare bit of corridor in the corners. What can we do with it? Let’s put a 6ft counter here with a bar on it, and over there we’ll put another 6ft pie counter, and we’ll put a couple of screens up and a soft seat area to sit about 6 people  etc.

You get my drift. The extra benefits were a food voucher, a drinks voucher, exchangeable for anything of your choice at any of the outlets, and a complimentary programme.

By the CL game, there was no longer a drinks voucher, just a promise of a bottle at half-time, which they ran out of : no longer draft, just a bottle of Heineken or a soft drink.

By the Huddersfield game there was no longer a programme, just an email 48 hours before the game giving access to an online version of the programme for 4 days and then it’s gone.

What if you’re a collector? Got to pay for a hard copy on top for  something that was deemed part of the Premium package!!! Need I say more?


Interestingly I ended up having a drink with some friends at The White Hart in the East Stand after the game and apparently there are quite a few box holders who are not happy with the Premium quality they were promised and there’s been a few complaints there as well.

One of the guys pays a stupid amount per season (100k) for his business and the removal of the programmes has gone down like a lead balloon – how do you tell your guests welcome to my box and by the way if you want a programme you better be quick and go online!!!

And apparently the food is not quite living up to expectations, but that could just be teething problems I guess.


Palace we got pints in glasses, City we got pints in thick plastic glasses and on Saturday flimsy plastic pint glasses. You are not allowed the bottle from the bar, but at HT they lay out probably in excess of 200 Heineken bottles on tables !  

It’s hit and miss but the programmes use has spectacularly backfired on them. Only 4 days to read a website, I would do that on my Mac or tablet but I am advised not to where possible take that to the game. 

  • Aside from cerebrospinal fluid, what's on your mind?

  • rtj1211 April 16, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Quite possible that the food providers had lined up staff to start September 2018 but they did not hang around to be unemployed, so they are having to make do with what is temporarily available until next season starts with new hires in place.

    Scrimping on programmes is a complete joke, I mean £3-4 a pop for a couple of thousand top end corporate folks equates to £30,000 a game tops in printing costs so call it £250k until the end of the season. Pissing in the wind when £16-20m revenues will come from six home games, more if a UCL semi is also played. You piss off 20% of stadium revenue to save 1% on costs??

    Has he really maxed out that £21m revolving line of WC credit?

    A chairman on £3m a year could take a two month salary holiday if he is that short of cash.

  • Eddie April 16, 2019 at 9:50 am

    The easily fooled will accept things going south but corporate clients are something else.They will not accept his penny pinching and that revenue loss will be more keenly felt.He can’t give it up can he,he’s always got to wring that last bit out of everything.Our summer transfer policy will follow along normal lines.

  • Angliaspur April 15, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    If that’s the case I’m amazed by Levy’s stupidity!

    • MrChickenHead April 15, 2019 at 10:56 pm

      I’m not, He just gets bolder and balder as he goes. Milk us as hard as possible, how gullible are we, he’s trying to find out.