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11 Takeaways From Mourinho’s Liverpool Presser
By Harry Hotspur -

Here we present the video in full, but if you wish to just view specific elements, then that’s all set up for you – the hyperlinks are in the timestamps!

00:20 I’m the same guy just perceptions, a result machine? Nice words from Klopp but we are a good team

2:50 I don’t think Tottenham struggles at Anfield I think all the clubs are the same, we want to win the match there

4:40 I’m so confused with contradictions from the politicians and scientists on fans back in the stadiums

5:20 I always respect the feelings for Gérard Houllie, he was an amazing guy, I had the privilege to meet him in so many UEFA meetings such a nice guy

7:15 Matches are different events all the time, I don’t look to the statistics numbers

8:45 I’m not worried about the unbeaten run, we want to win games

10:00 Alison is not injured, TAA is not injured, Salah is not injured, etc VVD is injured but have a look to the full squad. all the clubs have injuries

11:45Gareth Bale didn’t train with the team yesterday in this moment (sic) I don’t think is available

12:20 Funny “washing machine on loud sound in the journalist house”

14:45 Locelso and Dembélé can play together

16:00 We just want to play a game and win it at Anfield, I don’t want to make a statement

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6 months ago

Gareth and Dele will play tomorrow, I think Dele might score the winner

Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
6 months ago
Reply to  Spudulike

Can you tell me exactly what time my wine will be delivered tomorrow, that would be very helpful. Cheers, Spud