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10 O’Clocker: Tanguy’s ‘Representatives’ Are Giving Levy A Recurring Headache
By Harry Hotspur -

I am given to understand from a source close to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club that there are ‘sinister’ forces at work in respect of ongoing mystery that is the club’s current record signing, Tanguy Ndombele; namely the Frenchman’s entourage of ‘representatives’.

How exactly did THFC end up in this ongoing mess? At this stage, it is very difficult to identify the precise moment, but one can rely upon the Jose Mourinho Fan Club to point their fingers at the Portuguese. After all, the Spurs gaffer did have the audacity to question why his club’s record signing was always injured.

My understanding is that Ndombele appears to have taken offence over something yet to be disclosed, more or less, seconds after he walked through the doors at Hotspur Way.

Publicly, this began a month ago. However, the truth lies WELL BEYOND the arrival of Jose. Look at how Pochettino used the £200,000 pwk superstar…

The entourage of Nombele began by telling Le10Sport that no contact has yet been made with PSG, but that the track was set. That was the end of June.

Just days later in June, it was suggested to me that unwelcome ‘pals’ of Tanguy had been ejected from Hotspur Way.

Those fans clutching the notion that Mourinho is the viper in Tottenham’s bosom are in for an unpleasant wake-up call.

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