Date: 8th October 2018 at 5:44pm
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Delving into the subterranean world of Opta Stats has revealed a new delight, the mechanically named The Total Actions/Successful Actions ratio.

This beauty allows one to at a glance see what was achieved overall by any player.

Whilst God loves a trier, the sane amongst us adopt a more secular approach and are really looking for tangible results.

So none of this ‘yeah but he was doing a lot of running off the ball’ or similar excuses for players that were actually failures.

Failure is bad. 

The sample group here is comprised of players who have all made similar amount of appearances in the 2018/19 season.

What we learn is no great shock to any sentient systems (although Eric Dier haters may need a lie down).

Our defence is fundamentally sound, but Danny Rose is offering almost as little as Lucas Moura.

Lots of huff and puff, but the net results are mediocre.

Mediocre is bad. 

Harry Kane one surely has to hand a pass to here.

Ran himself into the floor in Russia due to be surrounded buy incompetents, and he’s done the same in the Premier League.

To labour the point, these particular stats are as vilifying/flattering as it gets.

How many times did the player try to do something/anything during a game, and how many times were they successful in their travails ? 


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